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projViewChanges -> add time filter (e.g. last logout, 1 week, 2 weeks,all)


Apr 24, 2006
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Apr 24, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz
burger, pixtur

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#3334 by pixtur, 35k
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12 years ago

Hello Tom,

Can I help you with this topic?

If yes, I would like to know if I can implement it like it's implemented at projViewTasks or if you want to make any fundamental changes?

If yes, I would like to annotate that we should "source out" the print out of the preset-links, because there are otherwise some problems with the export-functionality.

So what do you think?

pixtur:should be refactored, but later...

12 years ago

The rendering of the presets is basicly a hack until the "real" filter sets are ready. As you might know "Provisorien halten am längsten". Since it is a hack, you can source this function out (which I already wanted to do myself a week ago) and implement the history just alike.

Later with the filters, the whole stull needs heavy refactoring.

burger:Changed code

12 years ago

I changed the code and wrote an additional function to print the presets.
But I don't know if the new function print_presets is okay like this, because I didn't know where to place it?

pixtur:It looks fine to me...

12 years ago

The only problem is the footer text (see attached screenshot) :)


burger:Changed and committed ...

12 years ago

I changed the text to 'Nothing has changed'. Is it okay like this?

pixtur:"Nothing changed" is just fine...

12 years ago