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No Delete for Uploadet Files


Apr 12, 2006
60 min ... 2 hours
Apr 12, 2006 / frank
Sep 1, 2009 / gb5256

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I dont find any delete Button on Task Uploads?

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12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Adding a delete-function is necessar.
Scheduled from v0.06

This comes together with following issues:

woko:streber 0.08 and still no delete button?

11 years ago

Would be realy cool to be able to delete files.


clawfrown:Is there any estimate when this will be done?

9 years ago

I consider it to be VERY important feature, as it is the only one feature that prevents me from deploying streber.

guest:Whne inside a project, click on FILES

9 years ago -

Then you have all files of this project.
Each file has a checkbox and in the bottom of the page there is bin-symbol...

clawfrown:Thank you though there are still misunderstandings

9 years ago

After moving to trash files still physically exist on the server. I suppose that is because they are in the "trash bin". Is there a way to empty the "trash bin"?

gb5256:I do not know if there is a way to emtpy the trash bin as I do not know how to access the trash bin at all..

9 years ago

No, I'm serious.
If I delete something, I think that you can not get it back, even that there is still the reference in the tables, and also probably the file in the folders.
You want to remove the file physically, I do not see a function for this at all.