First bugs


Hello luchyx,

you have done a truly wonderful job on this.
This makes my work so much easier.

I have found some bugs (dont know if it is a bug, but behaviour that I can not understand).
  1. There are icons missing (like pro_edit, pro_del, tsk_edit, etc). I have just copied the existing icons and renamed them to match your criteria
  2. There are new buttons above the wiki area which do not work
  3. There is an message when updating inside the gannt view which just says Object:Object. Looking at your webiste's screencast, it is supposed to say something like : User X edited Start time.

Again: You did a wonderful job. I'm exited where that leads to (like dependencies etc.)

One more thing: On you webiste you also show that you use a homebrew "Report" module. Will you also share this here?

thanks for your work,