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Effort-API / Handy popup interface


Aug 19, 2009
Aug 19, 2009 / dawart
Sep 4, 2009 / dawart

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When I start working on a task, I have to write down the time, and when I finished a task, I log into streber and add this to efforts.
It would be very usefull to have a small popup-window or something like that to manage time tracking during the daily work.
In the popup there should be a "start" button, and when ypu hit this, a new efford with no end time will be created.
When you finished the task, there should be a "end" button and the possibility to add notes / title etc to it.

Best solution would be if there is a kind of API for this feature, so one could create an (e.g. windows/air) application for this.


luchyx:custom implementation

9 years ago (3. update 9 years ago)

I'd implemented this mini-time recorder. Flash + Ajax

How it's work.?
  • per project it keep running when you hit Start.
  • you can navigate trough the pages (the time and state is preserver per project).
  • When you plan to log an effort. Go to the project home hit STOP.
Time recorder interface:
SGPhoto_2009_08_19 09_01_54.jpg

Record interface:
After hit record it will show a list of tasks. you choose one and hit SUBMBIT.
SGPhoto_2009_08_19 09_05_35.jpg


9 years ago

This looks very nice. Can I get it anywhere for my installation?


9 years ago (2. update 9 years ago)

luchyx has uploaded his modified streber version here: streber.riaevolution.enh.tar