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Feb 11, 2009
Feb 11, 2009 / array
Aug 5, 2009 / rafael.dalpra

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Official site: http://opengoo.org

I think it is very interesting to try it for authors of StreberPM. :) You can find a lot of features here.

What I like in OpenGoo:
  • efforts management (you can start work, pause, end or just add work inside the task)
  • repeated events (every month, year etc)
  • more intuitive GUI than in StreberPM
  • it is ajax-driven one-window web-application
  • it is slow
  • there is no wiki-syntax. It is very usable for inserting other tasks, images etc in your message.
You can visit my topic about StreberPM vs OpenGoo:



10 years ago

looks interessting. Streber needs to be more intuitive for sure :)

luchyx:me opinions

10 years ago

I've tested OpenGoo time ago, when looking for a decent PM tool. Luckily I found streber :).

Things I don't like
  1. The intuitive GUI is too slow and looks like a MS-Office app (ugly).
  2. no wiki.!
  3. Mail (BETA).
  4. new .PPT presentation.
  5. new .DOC document.
  6. Poluttion of icons with text.
Things I like
  1. The ajax drive interface.
  2. The calendar.
  3. Reporting feat.
  4. Time counter per task.
  5. Administration section.
  6. Tags.
PS: I'm back from me vacations now I gonna start to work in in a non intrusive way. :)
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