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Timezone Adjustment (User Profile)


Apr 8, 2006
Aug 10, 2006
Apr 8, 2006 / frank
Aug 10, 2006 / pixtur

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We URGENTLY need a feature to adjust the Timezone in the User Profile. That way when Tasks, notes and when choosing dates from a pop-up Calander etc, the correct Date is displayed, based on the User's Timezone Settings (e.g. in GMT).

This is such a vital feautre for us, as our server is in a completely different timezone to us, and we have users located in different timezone.



12 years ago

I know that the current handling of times is not optimal. It has to be refactured in the following ways:

pixtur:Should be fixed in v0.0672

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

We are testing the new date-stuff for stability, now.


binder:Antwort auf Should be fixed in v0.0672

12 years ago

I noticed some strange things happeing in the Space/Time Continuum around here lately! ;)
But after this task was closed, I always have GMT-time (2h late for MESZ).
I just wanted to mention it, don't know, if the tests are over yet?

tino:Reply to Antwort auf Should be fixed in v0.0672

12 years ago

Hello Thomas,

does this things still happen in version 0.068?

binder:Antwort auf Reply to Antwort auf Should be fixed in v0.0672

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago)

hi tino,

jepp, Im writing this at 14:05 MESZ. this streber tells me its 12:05... ;-)

don`t know, if I could set a timezone in my profile because of:

pixtur:Hi Thomas

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Your timezone should be adjusted after relogin. I also adjusted your Profil (sorry, I gave you too restrictive rights), so you should be able to adjust your profile now.

This point needs extensive testing. I changed about a thousand lines of code for this feature and it is extremely tricky to make it work on all occasions. So any type of feedback on this issue is important.

I am not going to release v0.07 until I get positive feedback on this issue from at least a few testers ;-)


binder:Antwort auf Hi Thomas

12 years ago

Hi Tom,

thanks for adjusting, but I'm afraid, it didn't help...
Once again I am listed as GMT +0. All dates are 2h off.
I'm writing this at 15:25h MESZ.

Interesting enough, as I first visited the site without login, the dates were fine. As I logged in as "binder", the dates are wrong again. So I think the problem is in my profile? I can now edit my profile, but don't see where I can choose a specific zone. Is that right?

pixtur:sorry, automatic detection only

12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)

Hi Thomas,

I am affraid this come from your time zone settings not been set to a reasonable value. I adjusted your rights to "Project Manager" so you can see the "System information" link in the future. Please post the output of the time-section here.

I will add a user setting to adjust the time zone as soon as possible, but currently I am approaching a deadline...


binder:Antwort auf sorry, automatic detection only

12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)

Hi Tom,

perhaps you've not done it already, but I don't get the "system info" link and I am still listed as "developer", so I can't post the output here...
But at the present, I have the GMT+2h (Berlin) timezone, I can see the right times.

I also get the right time with my PDA running Windows mobile and Internet Explorer mobile. I can't test with my PC at home right now, but I think the automatic timezone detection works now as it should...

for the records:

PC at work/home
  • Windows XP Prof. SP2, IE6 + Firefox timezone problem is solved (it occured with both browsers!)

pixtur:Hi Thomas B.

12 years ago

Sorry for the late reply... The timezone stuff is really not very nice. I personally think that the php-function and the documation is a pain in the ass. Maybe I am just too stupid, but implementing this feature really hurt me alot.

Anyway now there is no way back and we have to make it bullit-proof. For this I have to add time zone drop down list to person profil to make sure there is a fallback, if autodetection fails.

If you encounter any problems or strange behavior, drop another comment to this feature.


binder:Antwort auf Hi Thomas B.

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

ok. I'll post the Timezone detection from "system info". Thanks for making me PM! ;)

Timezone detectionπ

  • time-offset for user: 7201sec
    • renderDateHtml(): Heute, 09:08
    • original db-string (should be GMT): 2006-08-18 07:08:11
    • strToClienttime(): 1155892092
    • gmdate:(strToClientTime) 09:08:12
    • strToTime(): 1155877691
    • date(strToTime): 07:08:11

pixtur:Neue Notiz

12 years ago

Isn't it interessting? For my clients G5 I am sitting on right now, it's:
time-offset for user: 6898sec
renderDateHtml(): Heute, 10:21
original db-string (should be GMT): 2006-08-18 08:26:24
strToClienttime(): 1155896482
gmdate:(strToClientTime) 10:21:22
strToTime(): 1155882384
date(strToTime): 08:26:24

Streber tells me, that you wrote your post 9:04 but of cause this time is relative to me fucked up system time. So I looks like this function seems to work.