Re your questions (I was the initial guest poster).


Hi Pixtur,

I concur with the other guest poster: the suggestion of instead using the recent change list is not good for me as I basically live in the task list of Streber.

And I also LOVE your program!! It is a huge time saver for me to find information. I'm using it as an attorney to manage the many litigation matters and love your wiki implementation as it allows me to store information in a hierarchical structure and quickly find the relevant information for each subtask of a case and also have access to the original documents through attachements.

I'm a happy user of about a year, and now I will no longer be able to manage my work without Streber!

I've noticed that the project overview page is called by the url go=projView&prj= whereas the tasklist is called by go=projViewTasks&prj=. Is it possible to change the PHP called when clicking on the menu to include "Tasks" in the url as a quick and dirty solution?

thanks for bringing us this great software!!