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discussing: list of items that need feedback

Nov 4, 2008 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Should we add additional lists for the new "request feedback" feature?

Luchyx suggests to add an additional table to users home/profile views which lists all items that still need a request by this user.


  • The "the highlight and note" are right in the recent changes. But I think you run into troubles if the Items with feedback requested are more than 20, because "recent changes" is limited and if the user don't click "Show me more" he can't see more items with feedback request (assuming that exist more).

A "Pending response Feedback" list will manage this scenario and focus the user to response or ignore the request.

I'm also thinking to replace the label with icon's like you do in task list with comments or attachment.


  • They are already highlighted in the "RecentChanges"-list.
  • I think the highlight and note in the recent change list (like in user/home and project/home) are sufficient to find objects that feedback is been requested upon. At least in 90% of the time. We could add a notice like "waiting for feedback from x,y,z" on taskView, though.



10 years ago

I would like to defer this discission until I had some experience with this new feature. We are using streber here a lot. I would reject this request until some people really "miss" this feature.


10 years ago

OK. keep in mind that 10% is a big amount.

I don't think that your points listed as "Cons" are really harmful. They just help you to find a feedback request if you are in task view.

I like the idea of a list because it's enforce you to make a decision (REPLY|IGNORE) because someone need you input/help to solve something.
If the user click IGNORE we can add a simple comment like "John Doe decide to ignore your request".

This thing could really improve the interaction in streber.

pixtur:declining feedback...

10 years ago

A thought about this feature, but it is not implemented yet. Feedback requests are a part of the personitem table. This doesn't allow more than one feedback request per item & person. Let's see, how the feature will be used.