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Upgraded streber-pm.org to v0.0807


Oct 30, 2008
Oct 30, 2008 / pixtur
Jan 11, 2009 / pixtur

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I upgraded the streber-pm.org to the latest version. This will provide some new features like "require feedback" for betatesting until we release v0.81.



luchyx:Cool, Cool

10 years ago

Is this committed on the sourceforge SVN?
I think we can do some performance tuning.

luchyx:now testing Request feedback.

10 years ago

Nice Nice.

pixtur:about performance...

10 years ago (3. update 10 years ago)

Yeah, I spent some time at work today to play around with caching optimization. There were two problems with v0.0807:
  1. It requested an old version of autocomplete.js which does no longer exists. This lead to several seconds of waiting time and the js- onload function to be completed.
  2. For some reasons my provider had different cache-settings for different directories. I played around with .htaccess settings and it seems to work quiet well.
  3. I think with streber-pm.org the size of the team is the bottle neck. To compute the request feedback-box, it is required to get all team-members. This can be quiet expensive. I will have to analyse the sql-statement performance. Maybe some indeces could be tweaked as well. As a fall back solution, we can always make the autocomplete box into ajax and read the team-list lazy. Also, for building the suggest-list the visible nicknames are sufficient. So we could be an optimized sql-query for this task.
Of course the current version is committed to svn.


10 years ago

Yeah I noticed some memory leak when you list all tasks. In the Task view or Changes view.
I think that is because you load all description always on each task and we got full loaded objects either if we use all properties or a few ones.

The new feature is nice. Where can we list all unreplayed feedback?

luchyx:I reply

10 years ago

to your about performance...
 comment and still appear a "Reply request".

//Maybe this comment, not a reply, apply to the request.


10 years ago (3. update 10 years ago)

Excellent hint. The modification seems not to affect parent items...
Make sure, comments on comments modify the original parent item

Are you sure, we need a place to list all requests? There are highlighted in the "RecentChanges"-list already.


10 years ago (4. update 10 years ago)

Yes, totally. A kick simple list.
This ensure user interaction in streber between members and keep all comments tied up to an specific item/task.

Proposed Scenario:
1 Home Page.
  • Items awaiting Feedback
    • project X
      • John Doe request feedback at "Sample Item".
      • Mary Doe request feedback at "Another Sample Item".
    • project y
      • Carlos Doe request feedback "sample item two".
2 Project X Home Page.
  • Items awaiting Feedback
    • John Doe need reply at "Sample Item".
    • Mary Doe need reply at "Another Sample Item".

3 User Profile Page.

 the same list showed at (1) Home Page

Maybe the message can be different or shorter.

%users request feedback at %item

Each item should be a link.

madlyr:What about change list and release version?

10 years ago

Hi Thomas,
do you forget to use your tool to add such an important info? ;-) What changed in this version?

I see in streber-pm.org bottom system info label (at bottom of the page) version info: streber 0.0808 (2008-10-30) - is it 0.0807 or a little later vversion with bugfixes?

Anyway it's great info about release new version!
Best regards,

pixtur:Some feedback...

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

@luchyx: I don't agree. I think the highlight and note in the recent change list (like in user/home and project/home) are sufficient to find objects that feedback is been requested upon. At least in 90% of the time. We could add a notice like "waiting for feedback from x,y,z" on taskView, though.

I fixed with problem with cascaded comments.

@madlyr: I am still in the phase of preparing a real release. changing from v0.0807 only included minor changes. As soon as a usable version is ready, I will create a new "version" and write some documentation on the changes.

madlyr:So last stable version is still 0.803 and ...

10 years ago (2. update 10 years ago)

So last stable version is still 0.803 and we have to wait for official release of 0.807?

pixtur:yep :-)

10 years ago

I am still fixing some more problems here and there. I will probably release a v0.0809 as prerelease of v0.081 during the next couple of days. This will also include updated language files for the translators.

luchyx:re: Some feedback..

10 years ago

The "the highlight and note" are right in the recent changes. But I think you run into troubles if the Items with feedback requested are more than 20, because "recent changes" is limited and if the user don't click "Show me more" he can't see more items with feedback request (assuming that exist more).

A "Pending response Feedback" list will manage this scenario and focus the user to response or ignore the request.

I'm also thinking to replace the label with icon's like you do in task list with comments or attachment.

Maybe we can start a Interface guideline for streber?

pixtur:Discussion "Request Feedback"

10 years ago

Good comment. I started a new new topic for this.
-> moved to discussing: list of items that need feedback