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Open Task view of project by default.


Sep 29, 2008
Jan 11, 2011
Sep 29, 2008 / umr
Jan 11, 2011 / pixtur

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What file do I need to modify to have Tasks view as the default view? When I click on a project I would like to immediately jump to the tasks view instead of the general project description page.



10 years ago

This is not possible. But with v0.081 you will be able to recently edited task (even when edited by yourself) in the projects home. This might help.


10 years ago -

Can this be considered as a configuration option for a future release?

pixtur:Did you try?

10 years ago

Did you try the recent change list of the new version? May I ask, how many projects you have, and how many open task in each per average?

Anybody else needs this feature?


10 years ago -

I also would love to have that feature.
I'm most of the times not interested in the "latest changes" as i get them via the notifications.

But it is anoying (to me poor one) that I open a project and the first thing is to see nothing (as I'm most projects the only one changing things) and then I have to make a click on the tab "tasks" to see what I really want to see.

So: This would be a nice feature (at least to config it personally).



10 years ago

...there should be a setting for each user simular to language or theme, which can be edited in profile settings?

guest:dont know...

10 years ago -

I think for me an my team it would be enough to make it a global setting which applies then for everyone.
Don't know if it is worth to make it adjustable for everybody personally in the profile settings..

(Hey Pixtur: I looooove you program!
Not too big, not too smal, just right.)


pixtur:Thanks for the praise...

10 years ago

Always nice to get some positive feedback :)

u.m.rasmussen:Re your questions (I was the initial guest poster).

10 years ago

Hi Pixtur,

I concur with the other guest poster: the suggestion of instead using the recent change list is not good for me as I basically live in the task list of Streber.

And I also LOVE your program!! It is a huge time saver for me to find information. I'm using it as an attorney to manage the many litigation matters and love your wiki implementation as it allows me to store information in a hierarchical structure and quickly find the relevant information for each subtask of a case and also have access to the original documents through attachements.

I'm a happy user of about a year, and now I will no longer be able to manage my work without Streber!

I've noticed that the project overview page is called by the url go=projView&prj= whereas the tasklist is called by go=projViewTasks&prj=. Is it possible to change the PHP called when clicking on the menu to include "Tasks" in the url as a quick and dirty solution?

thanks for bringing us this great software!!

gb5256:Here is the dirty way...

9 years ago

lists/list_projects.inc.php line 355

Change "ProjView" to "ProjViewTasks"

Dirty, dirty....

This does then apply for all users.