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Public / May 9, 2008
May 9, 2008 / cody-somerville
May 11, 2008 / cody-somerville

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This release includes a number of improvements, bug fixes, and a few new features to boot!

You can find the release announcement at

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svn-revision: 386

  • added is_news option to tasks / topics
  • added project options to hide features like tasks and file uploads
  • fixed table-rendering bug (bug )
  • Added "ASAP" option to mail notifications which will result in mail notifications being sent out for individuals every time the sendNotifications function is called when they have their notification interval set to "ASAP". Site admins can create a cron job to visit index.php?go=triggerSendNotifications at regular intervals.
  • Made db-version detection more robust.
  • Fixed bug where two entries of db-version would be inserted on install.
  • Fixed bug where error would result if correct schema file is available.
  • Disabled profile selection drop down if user being edited is the automatic user created at install time. This should prevent situations like in bug (unless existing install already has deleted but we can't do much about that ;]).
  • Added more options to the install process and changed order of questions. Site name (sets APP_NAME) and Admin's email (sets ADMINISTRATOR_EMAIL). New options will be installed to _settings/site_settings.php
  • Changed default conf value for MESSAGE_WELCOME_HOME, replacing streber with %s. Updated index.php and pages/ to replace string token with APP_NAME conf.
  • Updated pages/ to use APP_NAME conf instead of the constant "streber".
  • Added new permission, RIGHT_PERSON_GRANT_ACCT which allows you to set the "can login?" bit on a user. By default, if you have the ability to create a user you also have the ability to edit a user so I made it the default that if you can create/edit a user, you can also grant them an account (ie. login). This allows admins to allow people to "really" setup new accounts without giving them the permissions to edit people's rights (which you required before).
  • updated languages
  • renamed Home section from User name to "Home"
  • renamed Home to "Recent changes"
  • added news section to projView
  • renamed "Docu" to "Topics"
  • renamed "Documentation" to "Topic"
  • removed a debug message when magic_quotes was enabled
  • default lang is 'en' now
  • bug fix: now the relation between taks and milestone is copied and transposed.
  • fixed typo in install/install.php: grand->grant
  • Created new schema export for 0.803
  • Updated history.txt to include the updates from v0.0801 (as well as this release obviously. :]).

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