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Feb 13, 2008
Feb 13, 2008 / guest
Jun 26, 2009 / brasti

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some projects do only allow efforts by duration, even if it is changed in the settings

strangely some persons of the same project can do efforts with start and end time input others only by duration

i couldn't figure out where the problem lies, after trying to set the "as_duration" field of in the "projectperson" table it worked for some but not for others ?

what I would like is to set all to start-end setting,

for suggestions/resolutions please send me an e-mail: <pst (a) libre lu>

thanks for any help

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FreeBSD 6.0-RELEASE-p15, Apache 2.0.55, mysql 5.0.19


pixtur:Needs to be reviewed.

10 years ago

guest:Repeatable here

10 years ago -

I have problems with this also. Streber 0.0803 (2008-05-09)

I have updated my profile to switch back and forth between logging effort as times and durations but I am now only able to log effort as a duration.

nilambari:Project Efforts export to CSV

9 years ago

version: 0.0902
Projects > [project_name] > Efforts

I have added one record for [project_name] with duration 4 hours
In front-end list i can see duration of 4 hrs
When i click on Export as CSV, file "projViewEfforts.csv" gets generated
In this file, column as_duration is blank and on next line i get the text: <input type="hidden" name="prj" value="8012">

When i add more than one efforts, then exported csv file contains as_duration = 1 and again last record has the same problem.... as_duration blank and on next line: <input type="hidden" name="prj" value="8012">

I can not see exact effort duration here. Is it possible to implement this addon while csv export? i.e. One additional column for exact effort duration.

brasti:better make a new bug report

9 years ago


I confirm the problem. But I don't think this belongs with this bug.
I suggest you create a new bug report. This has to do with the creation of the csv list of efforts.