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Is it possible to show the "planned end" in the task list?


Aug 19, 2007
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Apr 15, 2012
Aug 19, 2007 / jimmbo
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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for me it would be very helpfull if I could see the "planned end" in the task overview list (like Milestone or Modified attribute).

Thx for your Help!!!


marcel.feliks:This is also my problem with Streber (goal - milestone - task)

11 years ago

For my projects I do need to have goals time framed (in Streber goals are called milestones, which is okay, it is just another terminology but if tasks are added to milestones and people do not see the deadline it is a strong problem)

marc.f:Adding me to this task

10 years ago


I added myself to this task because I need it aswell. Primarily; I'm going to focus on getting "Planned End" to show up under the "Your Tasks" area of the user home page. As of date, I'm not certain how module this system is so it might bleed over into other areas, but I'll test it and see.

Does anyone know how I would send the code to the team once it's finished?

webbplatsen:Put me one the list too

10 years ago

Yes, this is really necessary. Specially when you work in a team and need to see when tasks should be done.