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further simplify interface

Jun 20, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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For a client we need a way easier user interface. This page collects some elements in v0.08 that should be hidden / changed for a minimalistic UI.

Major changesπ

Option to hide tasksπ

Most people want to start like with a wiki or forum software and are distracted by tasks and tasks assignments. This option should be project and person specific and will hide the create functions and tasks pages unless there exists tasks:
  • in personView
    • remove "assigned tasks" if empty
    • remove works for, if non assigned
    • remove efforts, if option is off
    • remove changes?
  • in personEdit
  • in projView
  • If tasks are deactivated, default item type should be "Topic".

Options to hide bugsπ

  • If this is been deactivated, bugs cannot be created

Remove Project > "Calculation" tab by defaultπ

  • This advanced feature is not used by most people.

Collapse projView > "Details"-Block by defaultπ

Rename "Docu" tabπ

Documentation is too software development specific. This page should be renamed: Suggestions:
  • "Topics"

Make public levels optionalπ

  • This option is project specific.

Option to hide "Company" sectionsπ

  • But only, if there are no companies.

Minor changesπ

Rename "home" sectionπ

Most testers are confused by naming the "home" tab by their name. We should rename it to "home" and rename the "home"-page to "Recent changes".

Person > "new: Note" optionalπ

  • should be hidden with configuration variable

Remove taskEdit forward message π

  • this features should be repaced by request feedback

Remove update-tab in "Topic" comment blockπ

Mind item-type "Task" / "Topic"π

  • If type is "Topic" it should be ..."Create another task after submit".
  • If default type is "Topic"...
    • leave this option entirely.
    • insert a dummy topic name to the name field
    • Probably rename "Name" -> "Title"

Remove "Help" linkπ

  • This is only confusing until we got some real help stuff
  • Alternatively we should provide a mapping to wiki pages (could be defined in pageHandlers).

Depreciate Labelsπ

  • I believe that Labels are only do trouble. Since we now distinguish "Bugs", "Tasks" and "Topics" we no longer need Labels. Sooner or later we should have some sort of tagging.

Probable completely drop tabs in "topicEdit"π

  • If tasks and public levels are deactivated for a project we do not need "Short" and "Order_id" and can hide the "Display"-tab entirely.

Clean up home menuπ

  • Make sure, that the quickHomeSelector works consistently.

in Home > Recent changes π

  • Show all changes by default
  • Provide link "Hide my changes" / "Also show my changes"

Interface Mockupπ

  1. Add prefix for clarity
  2. Rename home Section to "Home" (not current user's name)
  3. Rename "Docu" -> "Topics"
  4. Rename "Geschichte" -> "Verlauf"
  5. Add additional navigation style and border of page (very tricky)
  6. Clarify current navigation option
  7. Move Navigation to far right ???
  8. Increase clarity of feedback messages
  9. Shorten feedback message.
  10. Fade "Main/Minor"-title separator
  11. fade Item-Id link
  12. Remove "Edit description"-Button
  13. Remove "Comment/Update"-Tabs
  14. Rename "Name" -> "Summary"
  15. Rename "Comment" -> "Details"
  16. Add request feedback function (Although this is an additional feature it will add tremendous benefit for the invested complexity. The empty edit box should have grayed text "enter name...".

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