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GTD use cases

Jun 9, 2007 / xl
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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GTD is a philosophy connected to David(?) Allen and stands for "Getting things done". The imho most important ideas from gtd all require tagging:
  • you dont have to have full-blown project plans for all your personal projects. make a list of projects and one of "next steps". use case: tag tasks as "next".
  • every task has tags about its context, which in gtd sense means: in which location or which state of mind do i do this. use case: tag tasks as "at home", "at the next meeting", "think about", "phone", "webresearch",...
  • "waiting" tasks have a kind of timeout (eg when i wait for a reply but it wont come)
  • write down tasks that are not decided but tag them as "perhaps/someday"
  • do a clear separation between wiki and task space

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