Lots of questions


I had a look at the problems you described above. Both are very serious issues. Actually all tasks are checked by the function Task::getVisibleById() and Task::getEditiableById(). The second one fails when editing the task, so it sends the PageHandler back to taskView which also fails because the Task is not visible. So it is totally weird the client can see the task in the first place. I cannot reproduce this situation at my installation, so I have a lot of requests:
  1. Please, before doing screenshots, change your language to English. Although may Polish could need some improvement, this is not the best moment for training.
  2. Can you reproduce this bug at the online demo? http://www.streber-pm.org/demo/ ? We have some clients, project managers etc as well. I can create an account with admin-rights if necessary.
  3. Did you do any local adjustments to the code? The Pageorder (the tabs in the subnavigation) in your screenshot look weird. But that could be my Polish.
  4. What was the precise right situation?
    • Client-Profile
    • Client-Rights
    • Client-Role in the project
    • Public-level of folder
    • Public-Level of our bogus task
  5. Was it a Task or a Documentation Topic?
  6. Was there any assignments involved?
  7. Who created the tasks (the client or the PM)?
I think, I could fix this error quickly, if you can reproduce it at the demo installation.