To the anonymous critic


''Whenever someone comes and gives some criticism''...

The problem, most of the times, and clearly in this case, is the use of the word criticism.

Saying "Your software is so much worse than this other software! When are you going to add this or that feature?" is not criticism. Think that maybe this project does not pursuit the same goals or values the same tools in the same manner as you do. Allow that that feature which you consider essential to your needs may or may not be as essential to other users or to the mindset of this particular project.

I've seen criticism very well received previously on Streber. In fact some of NetOffice's features have been discussed before ( ) and some ideas accepted as reasonable while others were deemed not interesting. Please, do read through that conversation for an example of how to make constructive criticism and proposing features instead of just visiting some projects site and saying "your software is very lacking compared to this other project. when are you going to implement this things that I want?".