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At first thanx a lot for your effort commenting my scribble - I have high regards for your work. I'll try to clear my point:

General notesπ

I think this is way too much information for a general user. At least of a projects overview (mind the plural).

from pixtur

So, I think we can't say about general user, because no project has general role. Current Streber has at least 4 roles (and at least 1 is missing in my case) and it's obvious that every role needs different information.

a) (role not defined but admin like) I'm Manager of PMs and I'm managing new product development projects portfolio so I need quick view into all projects, proposed in my mock-up. I have also my executives who needs only milestones status.
b) PM needs analogical view in his projects and extra operational infos (longform like).
c) Team member (Developer, Artist, Tester) don't cares about everything but his tasks.
d) Client is a little confusing role, because either executive sponsor or internal client can play that role. Depending who is this, he will need some combination of above.

My point is that home should provide that much information, how much the role needs. I think that deploying extra option (tab) for short change view isn't good idea - this can be combined in present Overall history as a filter or option view (subtab task update alike). IMHO home should provide extra information as proposed (we don't have yet 1 view in project(s)).

We are talking of several projects here. Probably 20 or 30! Imagine several pages long list.

from pixtur

So what? If portfolio(s) has so much projects, it does only mean that they are important and also that life is hard :)

Totally agree.

Some commentsπ

I like the coloring of the task bars

from pixtur

I heard that 80% information brain gets from pictures. See Toyota Way - speak through the picture on max A3 paper.

Doing an graphical overview of the milestones is easy, but I personally doubt that this would have any benefit in daily life...

from pixtur

See previous.

Totally agree.

Maybe we should not mess up "Status" and "Changes" of a project. I think both things are used in pretty different situations. If you discuss with upper management about project status, you only want status on you printout. Not changes or comments. Separating those tasks would simplify the interface.

from pixtur

I sketched out all I need in web interface. Printout really wouldn't had to have "Changes". This is question of determining details in further work on printout.

Some questionsπ

pixtur: 1. Do you really need the project description? I mean... Really?
krisp: Not always of course, that's why it should be "ajaxed".

pixtur: 2. Who writes your Status description?
krisp: My PMs do this for me and executives.

pixtur: 3. What is baseline meant for? For the first moment I would say that, if I don't understand it instantly, it is probably a too complex feature for streber: "keep it simple..."
krisp: Baseline is fundamental for project existance. If there is no baseline there in no project but process. I see baseline as a general term for collection of dates of planned events (generally milestones) agreed with the sponsor (or client). Maybe my mock-up do not show this intention but baseline end of a project I defined as a date of the last milestone (generally project closeout). The truth is different role seeing this end differently (project ends on different stages for certain role), therefore complicates the thing. BTW. Simplicity is relative (depending on user) and sometimes very hard to obtain (from IT point of view) :) Saying "Simple" I'd rather think "Usable".