Yeah. Preview would be really nice. Especially since it could be ajax driven... But this will come in a later version.

I don't really see, why you would want to address projViewDocu at all (the display of documentation topics as task was a bug which has been fixed).

Addressing chapters (e.g. Headlines) would be a cool think, but I have not really good idea, how to do this. I could insert some anchors at the headlines, but links to them would become invalid when changing the headline.

Addressing pages like (projView, taskView, taskViewEfforts, etc) would probably be a nice think, but I am affraid it's too seldom used to be implemented.

We urgently need a syntax to replace an URL with a readable title. Possibilities:
  1. mediaWiki Links enclosed with single square brackets. Optional title after space.
[ streber]
  1. simple syntax (works not inside tables)|streber
  1. complex syntax (fits best into current syntax)