project-option(s) to finetune forms-fields and interface


Mar 24, 2006
4 hours ... 10 hours
Mar 24, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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General options:
  • Levels of visibility
  • Booking of efforts
  • Use Milestones
  • Use Versions
  • only Project Mangers may approve/close tasks
  • Use time estimation
  • Build-number
  • Plattform
  • planned start / end

  • software project (with all stuff)
  • organise project (without versions, milestones, etc)

also see:
  • (double)



12 years ago

Don't you think, this could be confusing for users? I think, the interface for same tasks should be always looking the same.
But on the other side, getting some stripped down versions is also a good idea?

We should decide on
  • showing everything for same tasks
  • showing different versions depending on some flags
to be strict in the user interface.

pixtur:good point,

12 years ago

Hi Thomas,

You are right that adjusting the interface depending on a project-settings might be confusing (especially if some project have milestones and others don't). But on the other hand it would make the interface much more easier.

Like here we only have one project, and:
  • we do not use the pub_level-setting
  • we do not not need to book efforts on the project
This would remove alot of useless links from the interface. For 80% of my personal project I also do not need Milestones and pub_level settings (I always trust my clients ;-) ). This would really make it much more easier, and they only see one project anyway...


pixtur:added some settings...

12 years ago

In the current revision you can adjust some projects settings which only reduce the display of the project options.

This to do:
  • Remove functions (not allow to book efforts, if project does not enable efforts)
  • Add the PM-option (Tricky, because the is no real definition, who is an PM in a project).

pixtur:Deferred to next version...

11 years ago