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Apr 24, 2007
Apr 24, 2007 / krisp
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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After submitting comment and going back browser submitting form once again.

Try my comments at on 2007-04-24: (item 4777) ... and so far far away and (item 4779) ... and so far far away.
Nothing happen but refresh.


pixtur:This could be tricky...

11 years ago

But you are right. We definitely have to do something about this. For tasks I always check, if the name is unique. I could check if there already is a comment with the same text.

krisp:Reply to This could be tricky...

11 years ago

Beat me if I sound like lamer but maybe form should send hidden unique number (obtained e.g. by js checksum function of a text) which could be stored in db or temporary array of sent forms for faster check?


11 years ago

I guess you just proved not to be a lamer. Actually I thought about a similar solution some years ago but it somehow was dropped because using the GUID is primary keys wasn't that easy.

The only trade off would be that it would require an additional field in the item-table along with an index. That's the only purpose we would need this field for, so I thought that a simple would be easier to implement.
Since we already have some fields to reduce the sql request (type, name, created by, modified < 24hour, etc) comparing the resulting items wouldn't be that bad...