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Interface tuning

Apr 22, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Burger and pixtur invested some time into further tuning Streber's user interface. The main changes are:
  • We completely refined home and splitted it into several pages. The main view now shows a very reduced list of the recent changes. I am thinking about replacing the changeList at Project Overview with the reduced version. Since this is a matter of taste, we are eager to hear your feedback.
  • We added some new tabs to personView.
  • We polished the header a little bit.
I already upgraded www.streber-pm.org. A new version will be released after some days of testing.

your sincerely


guest:Thanks for your great work!

11 years ago -

I just wanted to thank you for the great work you're doing with streber PM!

pixtur:Antwort auf Thanks for your great work!

11 years ago

thank you!

guest:Please add batch file download

11 years ago -

I recently implemented streber on our intranet, it works great but one feature missing and very much needed is batch download of selected files / folders.

Could this be added?

you can use the gzip/zip libraries for php to compress and send the generated file to the browser, on the fly.

Thanks in advance!


pixtur:Antwort auf Please add batch file download

11 years ago

I personally regard this feature as less important. But I would included it into the main trunk, if somebody would implement it.


11 years ago (3. update 11 years ago)

i also appreciate your work!

But most important to me is tracking time (start/end planned/baseline dates) and status of items (especially milestones, which are quite good presented), and communication in project (see comment First mockup rules the most to ). If home should give you big picture of a project(s), thus it has to contain that informations. Present home makes streber more ticketing than project tracking system.


11 years ago -

In the project list on the right side of screen.
When you use a hyphen in project name it shows html code for hyphen.

Example: Monday's Project
Shows:Monday's Project

pixtur:Antwort auf Bug!!

11 years ago

should be fixed in upcoming version.


11 years ago -

Can you add the features present in netOffice Dwins


pixtur:Antwort auf Hello

11 years ago

Could you probably give some more details. I know that netoffice had quiet a lot of features. I don't have to time to go through all of them. Please be as precise as possible.

guest:will do

11 years ago -

Alright, pixtur

Thanks for listening and replying.

I will list all the features.

ajnabiz:New Features

11 years ago


Feature 1: Which users are logged in.π

This should be shown seperately.

It should show the following:

1). Time/Date User logged in
2). Time/Date User logged out
3). How long user remained online.

4). Which projects/tasks/milestones did he open and went through (This should be displayed in Logs)π

Feature 2: Database Backup Optionπ

There should be a database backup optoin.π

Feature 3: Sorting Project/Tasks/Milestones with Ajax draggingπ


Feature 4: User/Member Evaluationπ

I think there should be a feature to add user's evaluation. How is a particular user working on the project or the task.

We should be able to select
1). The Particular Task
2). The User who is Evaluating [Most probably the team manager or project leader]
3). The User who is being Evaluated
4). Evaluation Value: [Unsatisfactory] , [Poor], [Fair], [Good], [Excellent]

5). Commentsπ

Feature 5: Calender featureπ


Feature 6: Custom Reportsπ

I think the new Reporting feature should include the following:

*Time Report :
This report should provide a listing of the hours logged by user for each project for the previous month and should allow you the opportunity to export that information.

*Resource Usage :
This report should summarize the total time logged for projects and companies.

*Completed Task :
This report should provide a listing of the tasks completed during the previous month.

*Pending Tasks :
This report should display a listing of the pending tasks within all the projects.

*Project Phase Status :
This should shows basic overview of all active projects and their phases.

*Project Breakdown :
Project list itemizing owner, status, and users

*Person Performance Report :

This report should provide a listing of user performance and should allow you the opportunity to export that information.π

Feature 7: File Download Detailsπ

Can you add the feature for file downloads.

1). Who has downloaded the files.

2). How many times have they downloaded the files.

3). When did they download the files.

This way the administrator can keep an eye on the users, how actively they are working on the submitted files.π

Feature 8: ThickBox Functionalityπ

Can you implement the following javascript function on opening the Tabs.

ThickBox is a webpage UI dialog widget written in JavaScript on top of the jQuery library. Its function is to show a single image, multiple images, inline content, iframed content, or content served through AJAX in a hybrid modal.


Check out the examples. Maybe you might be able to use itπ

Feature 9: Estimated timeπ

Can you add a feature when creating a new task, we would be able to enter two new fields.

1). Estimated time = [Can be entered as Minutes, Days , Week s or Months]

2). Estimated worst case = [Can be entered as Minutes, Days , Week s or Months]

These two fields are apart from the Task Start and Deadline date.

This is all for now.

pixtur:Antwort auf New Features

11 years ago

I wrote some comments here: discussing dwins features

krisp:Fonts are very cool now !

11 years ago (5. update 11 years ago)

I've just noticed some css finetune - keep it pixtur! Specially History become now much readable.

webbplatsen:Great improvements

11 years ago

Sometimes small changes means a lot.
Reduced lists is very useful. Easy to be blind with pages that you have to scroll, scroll, scroll, scro... to see your tasks.

Next thing to solveπ

should be "reminders". I guess many users have a lot of tasks and easy to forgot them. Reminder via e-mail is great but I guess you prefere something in Streber interface instead. Like a list of upcoming tasks. Both should be nice of course.
I have post some comments about reminder earlier.

thanks again!

pixtur:Antwort auf Great improvements

11 years ago

Hi webbplatsen,

nice to hear from you again. I really love the reduced list, although I was a little bit scared about removing all the details in the beginning. I guess I will also add the reduced version to the Project Overview page.

Two ways for Remindersπ

There are to things in streber I would describe like this:
  1. Notify if not changed (already implemented. -> Add bookmark and us notify on not changed feature)
  2. Request feedback (I am really looking forward into implementing this feature...)
I hope to stabilize the html stuff to we can add your themes again. I had to redo some parts of the header (because there were some layout issues with too narrow windows).

guest:Looks good!

11 years ago -

Thank you for "Streber" and keep up your excellent work! The latest changes look good and I hardly can wait for the next release!
~ Maik

pixtur:Antwort auf Looks good!

11 years ago

Thanks :)


11 years ago -


When will you release the new version. Its been 11 Days since this annoucement.


11 years ago

Cannot find this version on sourceforge.

pixtur:yes I know...

11 years ago

sorry. I made some further last minute changes and wanted to test before uploading crap. I will post a news.