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  1. new 'home': Empty page (expect of project list and functions). Is this on purpose?
  1. your task: I don't see only my tasks. At the 'all' filter I see a lot more tasks. Is this on purpose, because I'm an admin?
  1. tabs: Sorry again. I always forget not to use them. I use Dreamweaver and someone told me that I can change the tab sign to spaces. But I don't know where I can change it. Maybe you know??
  1. comments: Sorry, too. I hope it will never happen again.
  1. calculation: I will change it. And sorry for the comment. I only use it internally if I would like to mark something new what I maybe will change again. So sorry :-).
  1. class_task line 794: Sorry? Wrong line?
  1. list_projects.inc.php line 253: So change it back???
  1. person.inc.php line 20,21: Oh, sorry. I really didn't know this. I will change it.
  1. task_more.inc.php line 539: What do you mean exactelly?

Is it okay if I make my changes next week, because I have to leave now and I cannot do any changes for streber till next friday.
I'm sorry that I have to leave you alone with all the unfinished/incorrect stuff. Sorry!!!