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Some comments to your changes


no tabs pleaseπ

There are a lot of changes with tab characters again. Please fix this.

comments as # pleaseπ

class_project.inc.php line 668. Please never use "//" for commenting!

class_task.inc.php line 178π

calculation is a weird label. I think planned_costs would be more descriptive. Giving this a comment like "# %% #" makes it even harder to understand :)

class_task line 794:π

$person should be replaced with $created_by. Also it should be initialized with NULL like it is done for modified_by. Or I just don't get your intention...

list_projects.inc.php line 253π

I think those lines where commented, because you cannot be sure that he filters should really be printed (e.g. it breaks csv export). Therefore I added it as a seperate block because the actual call of print_automatic().

person.inc.php line 20,21π

Please include files only where they are needed. list_projects and especially list_tasks.inc.php are big source files. Including them at the beginning for person.inc.php will slow down all person related pages, even it no tasks lists are displayed. Please move this lines to the beginning of the respective pageFunctions.

task_more.inc.php line 539:π

Forgotten a construction site?


also see: EffortPersonRole caused error

you did quiet a lot of changes. I have to get rid of the conflicts and comment my stuff as well). It looks like you have gotten pretty familiar with the internals of streber now. Congratulations :)

As having the "more features role" I am always a little bit reluctant with company specific hacks like the "internal costs" stuff. I still do not believe that this is a good idea... Also — after sleeping over it — I thing that projViewEffort should stay clean and we should move the new stuff to a page called projViewEffortSummary.

The rest of your changes are excellent. Now stop using Tabs to get your A+ :)

Before committing any more stuff, wait until I committed my changes. Otherwise I will have to fix more conflicts. It should be done until 3p.m. (in 10 minutes).