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problems with Russian language support


Feb 26, 2007
Feb 26, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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134502 bytes / ID 4270 / Feb 27, 2007
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ru.inc.php v1.1
134774 bytes / ID 4278 / Feb 28, 2007
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ru.inc.php v1.2.1
133987 bytes / ID 4294 / Mar 1, 2007
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original comment: Localisation support

Please add:
  • streber version
  • which texts are not translatable, etc.



12 years ago

"I have made some translations. Russian language pack (ru.inc.php, 'DEFAULT_LANGUAGE' => 'ru',).
But this makes affect partially (eg: at logon screen, welcome string,...)
Other "controls" are still in english. Did i something wrong?"

Well, i have translated to russian.
So i made changes:

ru.inc.php (fully translated)
'DEFAULT_LANGUAGE' => 'ru', (@ conf.inc.php, changed that string)
'ru' => 'Russian'; (@ conf.inc.php, added a new $g_languages definition)
Then, i specify profile language, and submitting them...

Well, ...This page displays me traslated. But, others...


12 years ago

'STREBER_VERSION' => '0.0796',


12 years ago

'ru' => 'Russian'; (@ conf.inc.php, added a new $g_languages definition)

This option resetting back to English


12 years ago

Described error goes to default admin user account.

Created new account works fine with new language.
But: there are some errors on main tasks page.

empty language blocks:
'|' => '',

And there is date in german at the "home" page.


12 years ago

I have been attached my russian lang file right here. It will be updated further.

rayz:Forced russian locale errors?

12 years ago

I'am trying to set FORCED_LOCALE as 'ru.utf8,ru_RU,rus,russian',so, main page weekday, month displays with �����������.
Also there is no russian login-names supported at page titles. The same result. It looks like "??????..."

pixtur:On locale...

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

The locale-Stuff isn't working yet. Please turn it of by setting "FORCE_LOCALE" => "C"

(see conf.inc.php).
The default language is overwritten by the language you selected for the current user. You can adjust this setting the the "Options" Tab of "Edit Person Profile".

I will have a look at the translation. Although me Russian is not that good :)

rayz:effortView page

12 years ago

undefined language keys:
'Edit this effort|' =>'',
'Mark this effort as bookmark|' =>'',
'Created by|label' =>'',

Adding this strings into lang file take no affect.

pixtur:Antwort auf effortView page

12 years ago

I only found a probable mistake in one text. Cannot find a problem with the others. Maybe they are no longer used?

pixtur:Just checked your translation...

12 years ago

Just wonderful! It really makes me happy to this streber in Kyrillics(?) ! Excellent job!

rayz:Reply to Just checked your translation...

12 years ago

Cyrillic. :) Thanx alot.
I will support it in future.