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Sort efforts per person or task


Feb 21, 2007
Apr 15, 2012
Feb 21, 2007 / guest
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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It would be really nice if efforts could be sorted by person or task, or a report about the total effort hours per person and/or task.

This way the efforts can be put to use. At this moment, I have to calculate my efforts by hand, which I prefer not to.



12 years ago

Like a sumary of all booked efforts of each person in projViewEffort ?

This would be really easy to implement. I think sorting should already work, or do you mean "filtering"?

burger:Sort/Filter by person or task

12 years ago

This feature is already implemented in version 0.0795.

The report about the total effort hours per person or task I can implement.
But how should it look like? A extra page? A number next to the grouping headline?

pixtur:another table?

12 years ago

Number in the grouping headlines wouldn't hurt.

But why not add a second list under the project's effort-list:
  • EffortList
  • EffortSummary on TeamMembers:
    • Person, Role, Sum of efforts (hours?), Graph compared to other team members
  • since there might come more pages and tables like this one, (project performance, efforts on tasks, etc) we could add a Linkbox on the right side (similar like the Functions-Box in Home).

burger:Good idea

12 years ago

I think it's a good idea with the new tables.

I will realise it for team member and tasks on the same page.

Maybe we can think about a Functions box with checkboxes insted of links. My idea is that if a checkbox is checked then the related table is shown (=> no checked checkboxes => no further tables shown; first checkbox checked => effort summary for team members shown; ...). What do you think?


12 years ago

Is it better to use and adapt the ListBlockclass or should I create a new ListBlock class like ListBlock_effortSummary?

pixtur:on realization

12 years ago

I quiet like the idea with the checkboxes. But on the other hand, isn't this the same as collapseable blocks? The problem is, that we would also need some kind of update button...

Maybe we should keep it "simple and stupid" and just add more tables to the same page. If it get's too confusing, we could make the additional lists collapsed by default. And finally we could add more pages which can be reached over a functions box.

On implementationπ

I personally would derive the ListBlock-Class to somehing like ListBlock_projectEffortsPersons . Please always create new files for new lists.

burger:Okay :-)

12 years ago

I will derive two new class ListBlock_projectEffortsPerson and ListBlock_projectEffortsTask from the ListBlock class.

burger:Okay :-)

12 years ago

I will derive two new class ListBlock_projectEffortsPerson and ListBlock_projectEffortsTask from the ListBlock class.

burger:Committed my changes

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Hi Tom,

I added two new lists at the projViewEfforts.

Furthermore I had to add two new functions to calculate the effort sum.

First I had only one function to calculate the effort sum per person or per task. And I took yout function to get the effort sum of the whole project.
But in this case I hade some discrepancy when I calculated the percentage (like 49,1% and 51,3% > 100%).

Therefore I created my own function to get the effort sum (directly from database).
I think the discrepany has something to do with your usage of the strToGMTime function.

There are also some discrepany because of truncation but they are very little.

The rest should be okay :).

Have a nice weekend.

pixtur:Antwort auf Committed my changes

12 years ago

I will have a look at your code. Thanks.

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