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Please change new description edit function


Feb 9, 2007
Apr 15, 2012
Feb 9, 2007 / burger
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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There is a new functionality to change the description text in taskView.
= If you click on the description text of a task (in the taskView) then you can change immediately the description text.

And this feature get on my collegues nerves.
If they try to copy some description text then this edit field opens.
Can you change this functionality that this edit field appears only if I make a double-click on the description text.

That would be a huge improvement :).



11 years ago

Yes, this was excactly the suggestion of my collegues :) I will think about it. Another possibility would be to limit the active area on the upper right corner.

binder:Antwort auf hihi,

11 years ago

I think, making it double-click would do the trick (aka wikipedia) ;)
so you can edit with an double-click or clicking on the "edit"-icon...

pixtur:it's now set to double click.

11 years ago