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Feb 4, 2007 / pixtur
May 4, 2007 / guest

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As with v0.079 Streber provides RSS feeds for each project.

Reading the feedπ

  • In Project-Overview (e.g. streber) either use the RSS icon or the provided atom feed link for FireFox to get the url.


For security reasons there are two methods for RSS-Feeds:
  1. Anonymously if there is an anynonmyou user defined. (like on this site).
  2. With http-auth which request your nickname and password. Not all News readers support HTTP-Authentication. Some options would be:
    • Thunderbird v1.5


guest:Please consider a token based solution.

12 years ago -

To be more usable there should also be a token based authentication, so that one could use urls such as index.php?go=projViewAsRSS&prj=1027&token=sd969sfsdh34123790fsdfsj23423f

pixtur:Reply to Please consider a token based solution.

12 years ago

Acuatally this is already implemented. There is a token based authentication called TUID. You see this in the notification mail links for changing user profile. So the url would be:


The reason I did prefer the http authentication was security: Actually the token is a valid username/password key and it would not only be transmitted without encryption. But it would also be stored in many log files. Of cause we could let the user decide, how much security is appropriate.

Another, much more complex solution would be to generate special tokens to viewing only.
But this would a lot of code.

guest:How to use it

12 years ago -

So how would I find the correct tuid to use?

Sean Kinsey

pixtur:Check the notification mail...

12 years ago

A the "adjust your profile"-link check the url.

I know this is akward right now. Maybe we should add a configurationOption that will change the url of the RSS-link. But I am pretty sure, that I would personally never use this in a non-public environment.

guest:tasks feed

12 years ago -

I think a person's tasks rss feeds would be very usefull

in the case streber is used to manage a lot of different project, someone could receive new tasks from a new project, but won't see them if he doesn't subscribe the new project rss.
With a tasks list rss, he should.

pixtur:Antwort auf tasks feed

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Sounds like a cool feature...

Follow of:

axelle:about RSS

11 years ago

maybe i did not understand every thing, but i thought that with the integration of RSS feeds to streber notifications would be more easy concerning every change that appears to the project.
it seems like it is not the case. am i wrong?

i am still working on immediate notifications and i don't see the root place to send my mails when there is a change (new task/effort/bug/docu, or update of these items for example).

if anyone can give me more explanations...