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Features to make check / accounting easier


Jan 11, 2007
Apr 15, 2012
Jan 11, 2007 / burger
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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#3771 by pixtur, 15k
We have some feature suggestions to make accounting / checking more comfortable / possible:
  1. Displaying of estimated workingtime per task related to the so far made efforts at the projViewTasks list
  2. Efforts could have an status (like tasks)
  3. Efforts could grouped like tasks (all, open, my open, for milestone, modified, needs approval, without milestone, closed)
  4. Possibility to have tasks combined in an folder (like Tree view at projViewTasks)
=> projViewEfforts looks like projViewTasks


pixtur:Some comments on your suggestion

12 years ago

Generally this would be fine for me.
  1. But this column should not be visible by default (it would further clutter the interface and is mostly inrelevant but to PMs)
  2. status would be ok
  3. You mean filtering the list with presets? This would be fine for me :)
  4. This could be really difficult, but would be really nice indeed. Maybe we should write a new function Item::getAllTree(array()) which would work similar to the Task::getAll() function.
Also note, that this might Efforts might be related to Invoice

madlyr:Some more about efforts

12 years ago

  1. Every folder, task or milestone should display theirs efforts only. We can see currently only project efforts or person (cross project) efforts. This is really needed if we want to see particular task or group of tasks efforts.
  2. There is no Log hours (log efforts) possibility for Documentation tasks. We log all our activity as efforts and if we create documentation we have to add task, log efforts for this task and then change their type to documentation to log efforts done for particular documentation.

pixtur:Reply to Some more about efforts

12 years ago

  • You could click on the booked effort link in the Summary block of a Folder/Task.
  • Would efforts on Milestones not be somehow confusing? I would guess, that a lot of people confuse this with "Efforts book on tasks for this milestone"...

madlyr:Reply to Reply to Some more about efforts

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Thanks for remaining about showing efforts for folders/tasks. I think it's not easy to find this way to see efforts and not very handy... You have always to enter to task or folder to have possibility do click to display efforts. Although it's not so often invoked functionality...

burger:Committed some changes

12 years ago

I committed some changes:
  1. New column at the task list
  2. Changes at the effort list (status, filtering, grouping)
It would be kind if you could check them.

pixtur:I will have a look at it...

12 years ago

But I cannot access the repository until monday :( Sorry.

pixtur:Just checked your changes...

12 years ago

So far anything looks fine.

I added a default flag to the "List" style to skip the warning.

Although I like the idea of the new column, I made it hidden by default. I know this will hurt you, but I am too fixed on a simple and easy layout. Most users would not really need this column and it also would tremendously slow down the rendering of the list.

For now you can enable the the column in customize.inc.php:

from customize.inc.php


But of course we need a way to enable such columns to people who need them. Would this be in user settings? Or in team member settings? (e.g. editing a Project's team member). Or even something like a cookie setting?


Thanks for you work. All changes you added to the effort list make perfect sense. Good work.
I am still scared, that you are pissed because of my latest changes to the code...

burger:Don't worry :-)

12 years ago

I'm not angry because of your changes. It only would be helpful if you tell me because otherwise I have to check in the code what's changed.

And it's also no problem that the new column is hidden by default. I can understand that for some user it will be too much information they don't really need.