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Jan 9, 2007 / pixtur
Jan 17, 2009 / ganesh

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Details on important configuration variables and how to use them

Many aspects of Streber can be customized by configuration variables which can be set by adding them to the file customize.inc.php:

from customize.inc.php

confChange('USE_MOD_REWRITE', true);

Some more important setup variables are already listed as comments in the file customize.inc.php. You might want to scan through conf/conf.inc.php, for a complete list and more details or advanced settings.

Following is a selection of the more useful ones:

Useful visual settingsπ

Default values are given in brackets.


Without changing this setting, the login mask will stay English, even if all users are working in French.


Number in the theme list defined further down in conf/conf.inc.php. As with DEFAULT_LANGUAGE you will need this setting to adjust the look of the login form.

APP_TITLE_HEADER (Streber pm)π

When using Streber as intra or extra net, you might want to change this setting.

APP_NAME (streber)π

Used in the HTML <title> and in the first message after login (see below).

MESSAGE_WELCOME_HOME (Welcome to Streber)π

First message after login. (This settings is obsolete. In recent versions of streber the message is always a localized version of "Welcome to %APP_NAME%")


Message after login, if user has only one project (very likely for clients).


Starlight is a very cool Syntax highlighter for Wiki code blocks. It only works with Ghecko (Firefox) and probably decreases download time.



In some situations (when upgrading with mysql4) you might have to disable this options to avoid invalid display of characters.


Display error-output, which would have been written to error.log as html.
This might corrupt the html-structure and reveal internal information to user,
should only be used for development.


Lists occured errors in footer of non-admin users. Details are always written to 'errors.log'
  • NONE - don't output anything
  • LIST - list messages only (default)
  • DETAILS - also show file / line-number

LOG_LEVEL (some)π

How much is written to _tmp/errors.log.php. You can view and clear this file in System info. See conf/defines.inc.php for all possible optios.
A good option might be LOG_MESSAGE_ALL, but this can quickly increase the log file to several mega byte.


Customize this labels for new projects.


Maxium filesize for uploads (in bytes)
NOTE: you also have to adjust your php.ini settings for post_max_size and upload_max_filesize.


The default settings will require you to login on each different computer. This is probably too much of security for you.


read more add

SMTP ()π

You need to adjust this to send Notification mails.



also see:


deanloh:How to configure SMTP?

12 years ago

I looked everywhere and couldn't find information on how to configure SMTP. Currently, my install does not send out any notification and I need that to work, can someone show me some light?

damian2:what SO?

12 years ago

in windows do you need a SMTP server accesible from the machine that has streber installed. in php.ini write down the IP, user, etc...

deanloh:I'm still looking for the answer...

12 years ago

Currently I'm not getting any notification and I didn't know when my clients have updated the tasks. Can someone be nice to show me how to configure SMTP (or anything that makes notification work?)

guest:Works with MS Exchange Server

12 years ago -

After nearly giving up I've found a solution to make streber work with MS Exchange Server using SMTP.

guest:Works with MS Exchange Server (continued)

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago) -

  • PHP-Version: 5.2.0 (phpInfo)
  • streber-Version: 0.0796
  • OS environment is WinXP, MS Exchange Server (version ?)
Here the steps how to make it work.
  1. Make these entries in customize.inc.php:

  confChange('SELF_DOMAIN','ANYDOMAINNAME'); # for example abc.com

  # Note: Somehow confChange('SMTP', ...) isn't working as expected,
  # therefore I've used ini_set()

                                              # Find it out for example
                                              # by checking your mail
                                              # account settings in
                                              # Outlook
  ini_set('smtp_port','25');      # Ask your sys admin

  1. Changed source code in mail.inc.php:

        ### from-address  ###
        $from = __('Streber Email Notification','notifcation mail from') . " <do-not-reply@".$from_domain.">";
        $from = "do-not-reply@".$from_domain;

Now it should send out the e-mails. Have a look in the errors.log.php file which could help further in solving problems.


12 years ago

Thanks for sharing!

pixtur:Antwort auf Works with MS Exchange Server (continued)

12 years ago

maybe I should change the main branch respectively. Your changes seems to be make sense even if not using MS Exchange Server...


12 years ago

Could you add some adjustings for TASK_LIST_COLUMN like:
  • possibility to switch off modification date,
  • to see planned start & end dates, and delay time milestone alike,
  • to see percent completion?
I also see the need to do the same with bookmark and "your tasks" table at home.


12 years ago

I can understand this. Currently you would have to adjust the code. In the long term there should be a better way for customization:
But those features will come in a later version.

krisp:... and so far far away

12 years ago

coz don't see any milestones attached.

I really sorry that I can't help in developing streber. I try to adopt (testing) it in my working env and have many requests about it. I'm trying to steal my own time to learn your code... meanwhile I have to make a few "lame brakes" on it to satisfy my users :(

pixtur:Antwort auf ... and so far far away

12 years ago

Well. Be free to commit all complaints here. Chances are good, that I will adjust the interface / code.

If you got any questions regarding the code, feel free to ask (best created a new Topic under .

Sorry about slow development...

krisp:Reply to Antwort auf ... and so far far away

12 years ago

Don't be sorry, really great job your team does :)
Poles are used to say pseudo German aphorism: "langsam, langsam aber sicher" :)

krisp:... and so far far away

12 years ago

coz don't see any milestones attached.

I really sorry that I can't help in developing streber. I try to adopt (testing) it in my working env and have many requests about it. I'm trying to steal my own time to learn your code... meanwhile I have to make a few "lame brakes" on it to satisfy my users :(

krisp:nick vs full name

12 years ago

Ability to display full name despite of a nick would be also nice option in config.

krisp:Commenting projects

12 years ago

Why confChange('PROJECT_COMMENTS', true) doesn't work?

pixtur:Antwort auf Commenting projects

12 years ago

I think it's obsolete. Having potential comments in project view gave some layout problems. So I regarded this features as not important enough for all the trouble.

Also in the long term, have project comments is a weird thing, because they can not be as well organized as Documentation Topics can. The preferred way is to create new "Topics". Maybe the Interface must communicate this better.

guest:How to support Chinese Character?

11 years ago -

eg. I want to add a comment "你好!streber!"
However, it shows "??!streber!" instead.
So, how to config it?

pixtur:Antwort auf How to support Chinese Character?

11 years ago

xl:Antwort auf How to support Chinese Character?

11 years ago

i dont understand this. you just added this, didnt you?

but now lets move to the new task ;-)

guest:am getting a blank from name

10 years ago -

whenever a mail is sent from the system, the from name in the email is always blank. Also, the email does not come in html but more so it comes in as plain txt with html markups..pls help me resolve these issues.


10 years ago

What E-Mail-client do you use? It works quiet well with Thunderbird and gmail.