Old highlight mechanismπ

  • In renderDateHtml() I compared all dates with $auth->cur_user->last_logout. If the item was modified after the last_logout, the date was rendered with the class isNew (bold orange). Since most list featured a modified date column, this was sufficient.
With your new changed I suggest to check each list row for "isChanged" and add the class like...

from render/

            if( $obj->isChangedForUser() ) {
				echo "<tr class='$style isChanged'>";
            else {
				echo "<tr class='$style'>";

Then we can easily add all possible highlights to the styles.css without modifing the code. E.g. to render changed items in bookmark list different, we could add...

from styles.css

    table#bookmarks tr.isChanged a {


Both. In the code and in the interface. I think we could write into the upcomming documentation, that "you can bookmark by monitoring items".

Double idπ

From your modified render_list code:

from render/

echo "<tr id={$this->id}_{$obj->id} class='$style not_viewed'>";

I removed the <tr> "id" because it wasn't necessary (or I didn't get its purpose).π

Please start a new file. That will keep the code a little bit more readable.

I didn't understand this...

# Function drop-down-list: 'Add notification' and 'Remove notification'

I don't like the idea of using "toolicons" to display a state (e.g. deleted). This is very confusing, because, it suggests you can click on the Icon to delete it.

I did a quick Photoshop mock-up how I would love to have the bookmark list (see attachment).