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There is a lot of stuff you could contribute to the streber project. You don't have to be php-wizard for this. Areas we need help in include:

Administrative Work...π

  • Administration
  • handling and assigning issues and feature
  • P.R.
  • Translation / Helping with English
  • Documentation
  • Online Help / Support

Administrative help is important because it really costs me a lot of time, which I could invest into programming or documentation. This covers such tasks as forum-administration, responding to bug-reports (ask for clarification, rating, assigning to developers, etc.). Deciding which features have to be implemented first, etc. Administrative work also covers the area of public relations and marketing. Although streber is 'free software' and 'still in beta' some publicity wouldn't harm the project. It has been written to be used. And it fails before starting, if nobody knows about it.

Together with this topic falls the question of a decent project page design. The current solution of a separated wiki, phpBB and a non-CMS pagedesign at is not sufficient.

One of the tasks that would really help the project, is setting up a new CMS-driven page for news and comments. Also the tracker should be moved from to

Streber really lacks documentation. I already made some tests with a video-tutorial to give a short but sufficient introduction into the interface. The problem with this approach is my English: My pronounciation is hardly bearable. One solution that sprang into my mind was making a german version of the tutorials and adding a translation (synchronisation) to other languages later on. If somebody is willing to contribute his or her voice, drop me a mail.


  • Stability
  • Interface Usability

What streber currently needs most is stability and usability. All minor issues sum up to an overall experience of a 'cluttered and non-intuitive' interface. We have a very flexible solution here, but without user tests, and feedback, we are unable to fine-tune. This 'usabilty for the people' keeps out of reach.

Also, we need some kind of jury to decide whether a release can be judged as stable, as well as a team of testers (me included), that can test each release on a certain number of platforms (eg. different combinations of server, php version, mysql version, browser). Only after some of the jury give positive feedback, we can declare a release as stable. I don't really have the power and geduld to think about release cycles.


You might start by reading...


guest:ways we could help

10 years ago -

Our organisation (IGBIZ.NET) has part sponsored the development of a csv extract module for open source licence. We did it as a module for Drupal, but engineered for generalised database extract. I can talk to the team who did it for us. This might address some of the I/O and report issues.

email: alistair.nicholson [at] [the website mentioned above] and I'll forward it on.

guest:I added gantt support to the tasks and milestones view. and other minor enhancements

10 years ago -

contacte me at