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Task Assign dont work


Jan 19, 2006
Jun 16, 2006
Jan 19, 2006 / guest
Oct 27, 2006 / guest

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I assigned Tasks to a Person in the system but it doesnt show up when they login, it doesnt show on the home page,

tried to put task on new or open and dont show up for any user, can we have a quick fix for that as of now the appz is not working

PHP 5.0.5, Mysql 4.0.25 on Linux

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pixtur:Could not be reproduced with v0.0493

12 years ago

this might be a user right problem. If the user only has \\\"client\\\"-rights and the item is not made \\\"public to clients\\\" it\\\'s hidden, even if it is assigned. Although this might be desireable in some situations, we should add a warning.