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setting parent of item inside edit form


Nov 11, 2006
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Nov 11, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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#2966 by pixtur, 4k
I think it would be more practical to add a common way of setting the parent task inside the edit form. We could label this "Parent" and display it as Option-List if all top level Folders and Tasks and none (default). If option is changed, we get the children of the new value. If there are any, we display another Option list beside. and so on.

Example Layout:π


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madlyr:This combo is good only when ...

12 years ago

This combo is good only when:
  1. we show tree of tasks - so all subtasks/subfolders have proper indentation as they are in tree hierarchy - flat list becomes very inconvenient if there are many items
  2. we will use short names
  3. we will shorten item names to proper max length

tino:Nice Idea, but...

12 years ago

For showing and choosing the parent-item, we should do it like in the the effort-edit page.

This is a very good solution I think.

madlyr:Reply to Nice Idea, but...

12 years ago

we should do it like in the the effort-edit page.

... personally I don't like this combo.

In some projects with hundreds of tasks sometimes with very long names and 3-5 levels in tree hierarchy it's a pain to find anything... I really don't like this...

Why we have to add to EVERY task name in this combo all parent and subparents instead of ie. two spaces for every level in tree hierarchy and show folders in combo?

pixtur:Another suggestion...

12 years ago

I don't really like the dropdown list solution in effort. It can get extremely long (like at this installation).

Another solution would be a popup similar to jsCalendar which provides a complete Tree of the project. If we click on a Task in this list, it will be selected. The Task-Field in the form becomes a static text field, that cannot be edited.

madlyr:Reply to Another suggestion... - but as css layer

12 years ago

It's better than combo. But maybe not as a separate window, but as css layer?

If I work with streber on firefox, then I have several tabs with different views of project opened and new window becomes another tab and I quickly loose control, which tab belongs to which page.... And you don't need to switch between windows, you don't have problems what to do if user enters effort without choosing task in separate window, what to do with that window, etc.

pixtur:using a thickbox would be great...

12 years ago

But I still have not enough jQuery knowledge for this task. We require a similar tool for searching while editing wiki texts...

tino:Reply to using a thickbox would be great...

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

This isn't easy as it seems to be!

I experimented a lot with this stuff (thickbox for wiki-search) but, like I said, this is very tricky ;-/

I'll try to create a livesearch functionality we could use for this. ( something like this: http://interface.eyecon.ro/demos/autocompleter.html )

But I don't know when I've time - maybe at the weekend. ;-(

pixtur:Don't hurry...

12 years ago

I don't think we need this all too early. It's for v0.09 and there is a hell of a lot to do for a stable v0.08 :)

tino:Let's do it...

11 years ago

Hey Tom,

we should give it a try.
Have you done something on that? When not, I'll check it.