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Notification mail to user does not have his task changes


Nov 10, 2006
Nov 10, 2006 / madlyr
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Notification mail to particular user does not have his changes.
Yes, I know, that user should know or remember his activity (or user had to fight with his sclerosis ;-) ) but this notification has one major drawback. I can't send this e-mail to other person, because it contains incomplete project changes. So I opt on adding users activity to notification mail send to him.

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12 years ago

same goal here: forwarding emails... and reminder for own changes...

pixtur:not agreed

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I believe that notification mails are a personal thing and love that they are only listing the changes of other project members. Instead I suggest to implement...
  • RSS feeds for projects / installations
Probably adding some options to fine tune the content of notification mails is needed?

madlyr:Maybe we can do this configurable?

12 years ago

Here we are an impasse :-).
Maybe we can do this configurable switch in config? Everybody will satisfied ;-).

pixtur:Option seems to be necessary.

12 years ago

We can add the option to the user profile, because it can not be different between certain projects. This also gives us a location to place options for like "Notification","Monitored Items", etc.

binder:Antwort auf Option seems to be necessary.

12 years ago

yes, making it an option would be nice. We should group person-profil as it was done with . Then we could have one tab called "Monitoring" or something like that?

I would also configure showing last entries on starting page of a project. Because I would like to see my last entries also. I am always somehow puzzled, where the entry is gone, and then realise, I was the last one to change this item... ;)

madlyr:Reply to Antwort auf Option seems to be necessary.

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I agree with you. In our team we often talk about current status and sometimes we shows our current status each other. So personally I need on streber changes at all with my changes too.

Adding Monitoring tab to personal profile - it;s a very good idea.

And if we get time filters in project home and to history and task list (or even all lists) then it would be great :-) => WOW! I see, thant in rev. it is done! Fantastic work :-)


12 years ago

Burger did an fantastic work on this one! Very very cool to see you guys helping!

pixtur:deferred to next milestone

12 years ago