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mysql_error: Unknown column 'order_id' in 'field list'


Nov 9, 2006
Nov 9, 2006 / madlyr
Dec 11, 2006 / pixtur

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In home view there is error.
Tom did you changed db structure? If yes, then you forgot to update db structure :-).

There are more places, where this kind of error occurs.

Error 20061109111715 ERROR:         dbdb.inc.php :  38 Database exception. Please read  next steps on database errors.
Error 20061109111715                  dbdb.inc.php : 250 -> MysqlException::__construct("Querry=SELECT name,short,date_")
Error 20061109111715             dbdb_item.inc.php : 778 -> DB_MysqlStatement::execute()
Error 20061109111715          dbclass_task.inc.php : 176 -> DbProjectItem::__construct(int1525)
Error 20061109111715          dbclass_task.inc.php : 222 -> Task::__construct(int1525)
Error 20061109111715          dbclass_task.inc.php : 241 -> Task::getById(int1525)
Error 20061109111715          dbclass_task.inc.php : 391 -> Task::getVisibleById(int1525)
Error 20061109111715          dbclass_task.inc.php : 406 -> Task::getFolder()
Error 20061109111715                               :     -> Task::getFolderLinks()
Error 20061109111715 renderrender_list_column_special.inc.php : 125 -> call_user_func([2])
Error 20061109111715     renderrender_list.inc.php : 938 -> ListBlockColMethod::render_tr(*Task)
Error 20061109111715             pageshome.inc.php : 297 -> ListBlock::render_trow(*Task, "")
Error 20061109111715  stdclass_pagehandler.inc.php : 710 -> home()
Error 20061109111715             pagesmisc.inc.php :  25 -> PageHandler::show("home")
Error 20061109111715  stdclass_pagehandler.inc.php : 710 -> globalView()
Error 20061109111715                     index.php : 337 -> PageHandler::show("globalView")
Error 20061109111715 
Error 20061109111715      Variables in __construct():
Error 20061109111715                       message = Querry=SELECT name,short,date_start,date_closed,status,prio,for_milestone,resolved_version,resolve_reason,description,is_folder,is_milestone,is_released,time_released,completion,parent_task,estimated,estimated_max,issue_report,label,planned_start,planned_end,view_collapsed,category,order_id from streber_task WHERE id = 1525
Error 20061109111715 
Error 20061109111715                          code = NULL
Error 20061109111715                       sql_obj = Object id #21
Error 20061109111715                   mysql_error = Unknown column 'order_id' in 'field list'
Error 20061109111715    v0.0705, home, from,  uri:/home
Error 20061109111715 

A fatal error occured

Database exception. Please read  next steps on database errors.

This error may be connected with .

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Have not tried
firefox 1.5.x


pixtur:Db structure updated...

12 years ago

The changes are made in v0.0705. Maybe you have to logout and login again. Also please change the REQUIRED_DB_VERSION in conf.inc.php to initialize install/upgrade procedure.

madlyr:DB upgrade to 0.0705 was in rev 184, not in 188

12 years ago

Tom, check if it shouldn't be 0.0706 db structure in rev. 188...
After rev. 184 and db upgrade system info shows 0.0705 from 27/10/2006.

madlyr:Tom could you reply?

12 years ago

I have problem with production site. Yes I upgraded production site without doing backup to revison 184, then to 190 - and I have now a little unstable version.

In the last versions I saw quiet good stability of development tree and I becomes a little lazy ;-).

Streber styarted to play a main role in my firm current development so it start to be crucial to roll back to stable revision.

When I roll back to stabl;e 183 revison I get errors - db structour is updated and I can't switch back to stable version.

Please help me to roll back to 183 revision or tell me hov to get stable new revision. I work on 184 now, but this version has some problems with creation of folders.

from _settings/db_settings.php


MY current revison is 184, which upgraded db structure.
I had 189 and 190 revuisions - these doesn't upgrade db structure.

from streber_db table csv export

"1";"0.059";"2006-06-01 21:20:02";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.06"
"1";"0.068";"2006-08-30 10:38:45";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.068"
"1";"0.0681";"2006-09-07 13:58:13";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.0681"
"1";"0.0682";"2006-09-14 11:02:23";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.0681"
"1";"0.0684";"2006-09-19 09:20:47";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.0684"
"1";"0.07";"2006-10-17 15:10:21";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.07"
"1";"0.0701";"2006-10-18 12:15:57";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.0701"
"1";"0.0702";"2006-10-24 17:22:21";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.0701"
"1";"0.0705";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";NULL;"0.0701"

I don't see in _db table version_streber_required 0.0702, but I see 0702.sql in install directory. Is it ok?

Why ID is 1 for all records? Is it correct?

pixtur:Downgrading streber

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Hi madlyr,

sorry for this trouble. I should have added a warning to the svn commits. I really changed a lot of caused and feared a drift off between Burger's and my changes.

I am very busy to restabilize the head revision and will hopefully finish this at the weekend. But I cannot promise anything.

To downgrade the best method would be to:
  1. change the PHP-code to the old version
  2. in conf.inc.php get the DB_VERSION_REQUIRED
  3. with mysqladming...
    • updated db-table: write the DB_VERSION_REQUIRED into the version field where updated == NULL
    • revert all changes in install/db_updates.inc.php into your downgraded version last version.
I hope this works. I didn't this sometimes during development.

pixtur:Probably upgrades where ignored...

12 years ago

Hi madlyr,

maybe the upgrade have been ignored, because "0.07rc1" > "0.0705" !

Maybe I should change the upgrade stuff and jump to version v0.080 (even though we aren't ready with this version yet) :)

Did downgrading work?

madlyr:Reply to Probably upgrades where ignored...

12 years ago

No I didn't have time to do this. I get rev. 184 more on less working and I will check downgrade rules soon in a free time. Thank you very much for assisting this problem

Please give me info, if you stabilise code with new changes as much, as it will be ready to check on production site.

madlyr:Reply to Probably upgrades where ignored... - don't change to 0.08

12 years ago

Please don't change version to 0.08 it gives a lot of noise!

We have to use fixed naming convention with mask which doesn't disturb adding human readable strings...

madlyr:What helped to get 193 rev working?

12 years ago

When I changed in db:
"1";"0.0702";"2006-10-24 17:22:21";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";"0.0701"
"1";"0.0705";"2006-11-07 15:57:36";NULL;"0.0701"
"1";"0.0702";"2006-10-24 17:22:21";NULL;"0.0701"

(removed 0.0705 record and setting update field of 0.0702 version to NULL)

then update process was invoked with errors, that db structure is updated in some places, but after login, error message above disappeared and I could operate properly.

pixtur:Good to hear / Stable dev version / v0.08

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Sorry of all this trouble... The change frequency of the code is currently very high (which is a good thing) but makes testing difficult.

You can normally guess that the latest version which is "stable for people who know what they are doing" is the version installed at this site. You can bet, I want to get the new documentation feature and theme running on this site. But there are still not ready for production. I would give them another week or so.

We should shrink down the features for v0.08. Currently I don't see, how we can manage finishing v0.08 before mid of Dezember...

madlyr:I agree. Currently there is so many exciting features added, that we can...

12 years ago

... move some tasks to the next milestone 0.085.

When I saw new History I'm almost happy ;-).

Let's finish base changes and stabilise code to release earlier nex milestone.

Do you remember discussion about release cycle? Once per 1-2 moths new stable version.


12 years ago

I will restructure the milestones a little bit... But there stil are too many unassigned tasks. I am not sure if Burger and Binder wants to delay "monitoring tasks"...