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Public / Oct 27, 2006
Oct 27, 2006 / pixtur
Feb 27, 2011 / guest

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  • added clean url support to some pages
  • added anonymous browsing (not considered stable yet)
  • added Note on Person (creates tasks, projects and efforts on the fly)
  • assign new projects direct to a project
  • fixed display of completed tasks
  • fixed display of folders in tree
  • fixed rendering of tables (foreach Warnings in wiki pages with tables)
  • renamed Dumpster -> Trash


  • fixed rendering of ordered wiki lists with high numbers
  • added wiki syntax for rendering ordered lists with any numbering (like 1. 2. 4. )
  • renamed .htacess file to avoid problems with apache v1.3
  • own comments can be deleted
  • comments can now be restored
  • added "New company" as page function
  • directly publish suggested comments
  • fixed bug
  • allow trusted clients to comment all tasks (reduced quick edit form)
  • fixed right validation in taskEditSubmit
  • hide edit functions in taskView if cur_user has not enough right to edit
  • fixed default values for is_milestone ()


  • fixed default user rights of new persons
  • changed wrapping of long indented task names in tree view
  • added server_time_offset option
  • milestones can be toggled
  • added time zone setting in user profiles
  • folders can be moved
  • show "edit description"-button even if there is no description yet
  • wiki: liked items (like ) are striked if completed
  • fixed usage of back slashes in wiki texts
  • increased performance with long tasklists (e.g. a few hundred tasks)

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