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mysql_real_escape_string : Access denied for user 'ODBC'@'localhost' (using password: NO)" (error #2).


Jan 3, 2006
Jan 28, 2006
Jan 3, 2006 / pixtur
Jun 10, 2011 / guest

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wow! This is a very complex error!

I think what happens is this:
  1. You want to login
  2. Streber queries the database for the admin user
  3. this queries fails with an error (the first three errors) because the database connect is not valid (for which reason I do not know yet)
  1. For some reason the the tryUserLogin() thinks it now got a valid user and tries to process with setting the cookieString to the database (which of cause will fail to) and process by loginFormSubmit which will detect that the user isn't valid and start the whole procedure again. That's why the error-log is huge: Streber is trapped in an endless loop.

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Have not tried
Ok, some hints:
  1. Try v0.049 I changed some stuff at the login-precedure and already added a check for endless page-refreshes (so the next error-log will be smaller ;-)
  2. I have to figure out, what happens in the installation process. Maybe the mySQLi-Extension runs wild. I haven\\\'t written this part, so it will take a while to work it out. Being unable to reconstruct the error don\\\'t make thinks easier. If you can, figure out, if the mySQLi-extension is available at your installation. I will try to change the installation-method to provide a choice between mySQLli and the normal extension.


guest:mental note...

13 years ago -

The installation-process should have been aborted if db-connect failed.

pixtur:Can\\\'t be verified

13 years ago

  • operation-system was Windows
  • fresh installation of v0.049
  • somehow mysqli was used but didn\\\'t work
  • installation worked with v0.0492