implemented some part but...


I am very happy with the implementation of the first step. Sometimes programming is fun. Actually I just had to adjust the Pagehandler->getUrl() function and provide information for each pagehandle on how it should be rendered as a clean url. Like...

from pages/

new PageHandle(array('id'=>'taskView',
    'title'=>__('View Task'),


    'cleanurl_mapping'=>array('tsk' => '_ITEM_'),


When requesting urls from the Page handler it checks if the requested page id has a cleanurl setting and if USE_MOD_REWRITE is enabled. Then he goes through the parameters and cleanurl_mapping and replaces all mapped varibable occurences in the cleanurl.


  • What seems to be tricky is the rendering of multiple attributes like:

Although I could parse this somehow, after building the new page, all urls to items (which where perfectly valid before) like="24" now point to "23/24" just as if 23 would be a real directory. I am stuck with this and need some help of an Apache guru ,-)