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adjust list of persons and companies to use filter presets like in taskView


Oct 17, 2006
May 14, 2007
Oct 17, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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Filter presets for Persons:π

  • All
  • Employes
  • Contact Persons
  • Without account
  • With account
  • Deleted


burger:Replace the current solution?

11 years ago

I only would like to know if I understand you right.
You would like to have filsters instead of the tabs, or?

I can change this if you want?

burger:Please check changes ...

11 years ago

pixtur:Hi Burger...

11 years ago

cebit is over, so I finally had some time to check your changes. I think the interface is much clearer now.

But I am missing the "Last login" and "Project" columns. Of course this columns are only useful for Person with account.

burger:Not removed

11 years ago

I didn't remove this columns. But if you want I can insert them?

pixtur:yeah please. Go ahead.

11 years ago