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add list of all (not only open) tasks for person


Oct 17, 2006
Apr 15, 2012
Oct 17, 2006 / binder
Apr 15, 2012 / pixtur

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If working on many projects and much more task I loose overview on some team members. Best would be, if in personView all tasks could be listed (with filter as in taskView) ;)



12 years ago

Like already has this Page ;-)

binder:for a specific user?

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I meant, i select a specific user and can filter through his assigned tasks (provided, I am allowed to!)

pixtur:Yes this would be alike for all persons:

12 years ago

The Pages for Person would be:

"<<Name of Person>>" personView > "Tasks", "Efforts", "Calendar?", "Monitored Items?", "Changes"

Under your home it would be:

"<your name>" (Today) > "Tasks", "Efforts", "Calendar", "Monitored Items", "Changes"

We probably could add:
  • "Statistics"
  • "Visits"

binder:we're talking still not about the same! ;)

12 years ago

when i'm logged in as "binder", I need to see all tasks from e.g. "pixtur", if I'm allowed to! ;)

pixtur:Sure we do...

12 years ago

  1. you login in as "Binder"
  2. click at "Pixtur"
  3. you get following available Pages (see ))...
    • "Pixtur" > "Tasks", "Efforts", "Calendar?", "Monitored Items?", "Changes"
    • Whereas the pages with "?" might not be accessible.
  4. You click on "Tasks"
  5. You get all tasks of "me" together with some Filter presets

burger:Can I take care of this?

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

If it's okay I will realise this?

First of all I will implement a specific "project" and "task" view for each person like

"<<Name of Person>>" personView > "Projects", "Tasks", "Efforts"

because I think these two person views are the most important.

After this we can think about other tabs.

Is this okay for you?


12 years ago

I already started to implement this feature and I have a question in relation to the view rights.

Can a e.g. developer see all projects of a person or only the projects he/she is also related to?

Only the related projects, or?

pixtur:Antwort auf Question

12 years ago

only the related tasks...

Check the Task::getVisibleById() function which should be a reference for which items are accessible.

burger:Further questions

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I changed the getAll function in db/class_project.inc.php to display the projects of a person. And I changed it that way that people with restricted rights are only allowed to see the projects of another persons to which they are also related to.

In this function the visibility is regulated by:
$visible_only = ($auth->cur_user->user_rights & RIGHT_VIEWALL)
                        ? false
                        : true;

In this context a problem occurs. If a person has RIGHT_VIEWALL but he/she isn't related to another person's project then the column persons is empty.
The reason is that in the used function getProjectPersons another method is used to get the visibility.
Therefore I changed the code in this function and now the visibility is regulated the same way.

Is this okay?


12 years ago

Is it okay if I choose other filter presets as in the normal xxxList?

I have for a person's projects:
  • all
  • open
  • closed
And for the tasks:
  • all
  • new
  • open
  • blocked
  • need approval
  • closed
Is this okay?

pixtur:Sounds fine to me...

12 years ago

Do you still have the problem with getting the tasks? I think that VIEW_ALL will require a complete separate SQL-query. Actually this should already be working...

burger:Solved the problem with the tasks

12 years ago

If it sounds okay for you then I will commit the new code?!

pixtur:please commit your changes...

12 years ago

I will check them and post comments as usual :)

burger:Committed my changes

12 years ago

I hope I didn't forget to committ a file. Please inform me immediatelly if something doen't work. But normally everything should be okay.

Furthermore I was a little bit confused about the version entries at the conf.inc.php, because there were different version settings and I didn't know which I have to change and which not. Please also check this file to avoid errors.

Thanks in advance.