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On labeling and structure...


I created a page for labeling of UI Elements (We should use precise labeling for discussions ;-) : Labeling of UI Elements
  • The "Functions"-Block in Home should go away, because it's bad.
  • I am not sure, if we need Page functions groups ala "edit:" ...
  • I took a while until I understood you point on "History".
-For the projects we might call this "Timeline" or "Changes".
  • For Tasks / Items it should not be a Page function because it is not an Action but just another view. I would place it in the details box.
    • Having breadcrumbs for other elements would be cool. I already implemented this for Files.
  • missing: implement correct Breadcrumbs for Efforts and Comments
  • my suggestion for the Page functions
    • "edit" (with Item or type)
    • "move"
    • "delete" / "undelete"
    • obsolete would be:
      • "add details" - this will be done automatically by the new task edit form like taskEdit_shaded.png
      • "edit wiki" - a lot of users do not know about wikis. We shoud avoid this term. The "Edit Description" button is much more clearer.
      • "history" - see above
  • using javascript for an "add"-menu would be cool. But mind the precise labeling. "New" creates something. "Add" reuses an existing item (e.g. a Person).

What do you think?