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Labeling of UI Elements

Oct 17, 2006 / pixtur
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

Attached files

  1. Sections e.g. "HOME",'"Projects", "People", "Company","Search"
  2. Application Title (can be adjusted in custimize.inc.php)
  3. Pages e.g. "HOME>Today","HOME>Your Tasks", "Your Efforts" etc
  4. Breadcrumb / Item Type
  5. Page Title
  6. Page Minor Title (clarifying title)
  7. Filter Presets (could be called Views'')
  8. Account Area
  9. Page Functions
  10. List Styles e.g. "List", "Grouped", "Tree"


krisp:Very helpful...

12 years ago

... because reseraching the code I couldn't guess what breadcrumbs are.
I think Pages (the 3rd) are present in the code as an Option, right?

pixtur:Antwort auf Very helpful...

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

right :) The structure of the upper navigation areas has change significantly. At some places this can lead to confusing labels in the source code.

xl:how to call the yellow message band?

11 years ago (2. update 11 years ago)

... at the top BETWEEN (3) AND (4)...