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ok... let's go!


i think, we need a complete redesign for detail-pages - and quick functions (or what it's called anyway):

We should define a NAV2 for each NAV1. At present there's not a defined NAV2 everywhere. so it would be:


bread crumpπ

We should add a real bread crump to each page (as it is now in "taskView"). NAV2 should remain NAV2, but bread crump has to adjust the place, you're navigating at present.


  • the present linking is not consequent, but double and confusing, so we have two links for history in "taskView"...
  • history should instead be placed in quick functions for each item providing histories

quick functionsπ

We need to label the functions in the same way on every page. I don't know, how to name the grouping (was "edit" and "status", which are not quite accurate), but IMHO this would be the most reasonable list:
  • add new item
  • edit item
  • (edit item wiki): as this is part of any item, this link is optional?
  • edit item details (or label ist edit bug report?)
  • move (not only in current project, but also Move tasks and files to other projects comments)
  • delete item
  • history (of item)
perhaps we could solve some issues with an AJAX-interface. So it could be for the projView
  • add
    • team member
    • new task
    • new bug
    • new effort
    • ...
With this, we saved some space...