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simple file upload with progress bar


Sep 26, 2006
Sep 26, 2006 / madlyr
Nov 12, 2006 / madlyr

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Add simple Flash based upload form without error messages, upload max file size, skinning, etc.


tino:Hey Radek,

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

overall this is a good intention but I think we should handle this with ajax and javascript.

madlyr:Reply to Hey Radek,

12 years ago

Tino - yes you are right but:
  1. I can handle Flash, not Ajax :-).
  2. I need it :-).
  3. I have an idea to add some more flash stuff, i.e. integration with Windows toolbar and Flash OS extensions.
  4. This feature could be configurable in user profile - everybody could choose web/ajax/flash upload ;-).


12 years ago

Hi Radek,

This sounds very cool, but I am not sure how much modifications are necessary for this. Although this features could be turned off, it would make the code much more complex.

But I also understand to wish to embed some more flash stuff. Could you roughly list the source files which would be affected / added?

madlyr:only files with upload form...

12 years ago

... and html code with upload form will be still present in ocode as alternate to flash upload form. It will be really transparent in simple and robust form.

After pressing upload button, flash will shows progress bar instead browse/upload buttons and that's all :-).


12 years ago

I am already convinced, but one last question:
  • Why do you need it?

madlyr:we often attach big multimedia files

12 years ago

and waiting sometimes minutes without any visual sign is sometimes frustrating ;-)

besides streber could be kind of project files repository (just add delete, directories) and... we have all in one hand :-)

pixtur:I doubt that

12 years ago

Streber can be a file repository, because that's not really possible with html. For this I am dreaming about working together svn or another tool like this...

madlyr:svn integration? good idea!

12 years ago

it would be interesting future milestone task worth of thinking.
but remember svn is really for programmers, not for >regular people< ;-).

streber has file revisons, notes about files, and with some additional effort it may be very handy repsitory.

madlyr:AFLEX implementation

12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)


11 years ago -

I've just recently written my own uploader using flash for the backend and a javascript display and I must say that it is a very elegant solution that allows you to craft a much more seamless and convenient experience.

Take a look at this project:

guest:Wordpress Integrationq

11 years ago -

Any takers on the way to integrate this into the standard upload form in the Wordpress backend. Great for community websites.