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Aug 10, 2006
Mon Nov 29, 1999 11:00pm
Mon Nov 29, 1999 11:00pm
Aug 10, 2006 / burger
Jan 5, 2009 / phsouzacruz

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In some projects the admin cannot see tasks or efforts he/she isn't related to.
But the admin has normally the rights to see into everything!?



12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

Yes, the admin has the right to see anything. Can you provide more details?

This might be related to


12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)

Yes, one point is the strange behaviour of the sorting-options in the admin view.

Furthermore as an admin I cannot see any efforts (projViewEfforts).

I thought the administrator can see everything, also the projects, tasks, efforts, notices etc. he isn't related to?

pixtur:Fixed in v0.0673

12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)


12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

But you only fixed the problem with the efforts, or?

I still cannot see all tasks (see also ).

burger:Further question

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I read the code and found out that in the tree view only folders and their related tasks are shown. This means that if there is no folder then there isn't displayed anything.

Can we change this?

I think the abruptly disappearance of tasks in the tree view is very confusing.
Therefore I suggest if there exists no folder then at least the tasks should be displayed.

pixtur:tree view...

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago)

I the admin view should be fixed.

Seen no tasks if there are no folders is definately a bug. I never would have thought that writing a clever hierarchical sort function for a list is that complecated. The current monster does ony make problems. Maybe somebody has another idea.

What's needed is this:
  • We have the result of a query to the database (like all tasks of a certain milestone) as a list of tasks. Some of those tasks can be folders.
  • Each of those tasks has an id and a parent field which points to the parent task.
  • We need to add missing parent folders to this list (but only the missing ones. Empty folders should be ignored).
  • We need so sort the complete list in a tree view with a member level for the indention.
e.g. list of tasks...

id type parent
01 task 02
12 folder 13
02 task 12
10 task 0
11 task 0
should be sorted as
  • 10
  • 13
    • 12
      • 02
  • 17
    • 16
      • 11

Sounds easy. Then give it a try. ;-)

I will try to have a look on the display issues, though.


binder:Antwort auf tree view...

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

a quick life sign from vacation (esther also is on vacation)...

I just worked up some projects and closed all tasks and folders of a project. After that, in the closed-section of the tasks, there is only a milestone visible in tree view. Other task appear, if I change the view to list or grouped.
let's keep an eye on that too.

pixtur:thanks for reporting

12 years ago (2. update 12 years ago)

I refactured some of the tree list filtering and fixed all of the discribed behavior in revision 49. Please check out the latest version and give me some feedback.



12 years ago

Hello Tom,

I checked out the version 51, but there's still a problem with the admin view.

If I don't have a folder (only tasks) then all tasks still disappear in the tree view .


12 years ago

Ok, I will check this case out once more... Thanks for testing.

burger:Some more problems

12 years ago

That's more a problem of , but we continued the discussion about the tree view etc. in the scope of this topic, too.
So I will explain the new problems in this context.

  1. Added four new tasks to a project
  2. Closed three of these tasks
  3. Added a new folder to the project
  4. Moved two closed and one open tasks to the new folder
=> Problems with the different views at the list of closed tasks

Problem situation:
  • At the list of closed tasks I don't see the folder and its closed tasks in the
list view, tree view and grouped view (parent-task).
  • I only see them in the grouped view ordered by status, prio or created_by.
The problems only occur with the closed tasks which are related to the folder.

There are no problems with the open task which is related to the folder or the third closed task which isn't related to the folder.



12 years ago

Maybe I find some time for this at the weekend...

pixtur:I this still open?

12 years ago

binder:yes, it's still open...

12 years ago

but not so severe anymore! now only the grouped view - parent task with closed tasks don't shows a task which is assigned to a folder. every other view (including the other grouping in grouped view).

pixtur:So let's make it a new ticket of this one and close this one

12 years ago (4. update 12 years ago)

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