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logged in as "guest" => notice and warning in every task


Aug 9, 2006
Aug 9, 2006 / guest
Aug 31, 2006 / tino

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if opening a task as guest, there will be a error-message "warning: unsufficient rights" right below the "comments"
also there's the complete streber-page added with a notice and a warning:

from index.php

NOTICE: 'page' global var already defined!

WARNING: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /www/htdocs/v029517/streber/render/render_page.inc.php:631)

Issue report

Have not tried
Streber 0.0671
  1. login as guest
  2. open task

results as above



12 years ago (3. update 12 years ago)

Hello Tom,

I'm quite sure that this is a problem with the quick edit form!
When guest has created the task, the failure doesn't appear.
So it's definitely a problem with the user rights!

But my problem is to reproduce this failure on my development version!
My "guest User" has the guest role, right?


pixtur:Fixed in v0.0672

12 years ago

Yes it was a problem with the quickEditForm.

In the code function starting with validate-normally abort the current page and start rendering home. Since taskView had already been started the quickEditForm try to validate the project later, the layout got messed up.

Instead of validate-function you can always use:
  • Task::getEditableById()
  • Task::getVisibleById()
  • Task::getById()
This works for all item-types.

I fixed your code and commited.