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"Database exception" - help

Jun 16, 2006 / pixtur
Feb 23, 2007 / pixtur

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Database exception - what's nextπ

Generally speaking there are three reasons for this:
  • the database has been screwed up (quiet common)
  • an invalid SQL-query has been sent (occurs seldom in stable versions)
  • database versions does not match and should be updated
The first step is finding out more.

Database not available?π

If you even can't login any more. The database is not available. Use phpmysql or other tools to check your server.

Available but problems? - Get more detailsπ

If this is only a problem of a special page inside streber or is not reproducable this could be a SQL-problem. We need to find out more...
  1. log in as project manager or admin
  2. click on system info in the footer
  3. click on error.log : Parse
  4. go to the end of the list and look for the error-message like 20060616001505 ERROR: db/db.inc.php:38 - Datenbankfehler (hide)
  5. click on the date-number at the left for details
The details could look this this:

from errors.log

Error 20060616002056 ERROR:        db/db.inc.php :  38 Datenbankfehler
Error 20060616002056                 db/db.inc.php : 249 -> MysqlException::__construct("Querry=SELECT p.* from project")
Error 20060616002056       db/class_person.inc.php : 734 -> DB_MysqlStatement::execute("", int1)
Error 20060616002056                     index.php : 304 -> Person::getProjects()
Error 20060616002056 
Error 20060616002056      Variables in __construct():
Error 20060616002056                       message = Querry=SELECT p.* from project p, projectperson pp
Error 20060616002056                 WHERE
Error 20060616002056                        p.status <= 5
Error 20060616002056                    AND p.status >= 2
Error 20060616002056                    AND p.state = 1
Error 20060616002056 
Error 20060616002056                    AND pp.person = 11
Error 20060616002056                    AND pp.project = p.id
Error 20060616002056                    AND pp.state=1
Error 20060616002056                 ORDER BY prio, name
Error 20060616002056 
Error 20060616002056                          code = NULL
Error 20060616002056                       sql_obj = Object id #21
Error 20060616002056                   mysql_error = Can't open file: 'project.MYI' (errno: 145)
Error 20060616002056    v0.0621, from,  uri:/
Error 20060616002056 

Especially interessting is the line starting with mysql_error =:

mysql_error = Can't open file: 'project.MYI'π

tells us, that the sql-table index-files are missing. To fix this use mysqladmin to repair sql-tables. In all cases this fixed the problem for me.

mysql_error = Incorrect key file for table 'project'; try to repair itπ

tells us, that the sql-table index-files are missing. To fix this use mysqladmin to repair sql-tables. In all cases this fixed the problem for me.

Other errorsπ

This might be a programming error. But before reporting this...
  1. check you version (at the bottom of the error-report) maybe there is a fix outside.
  2. search the tracker for a detail of the report (e.g. class_person.inc.php) to find similar posts.

Report Bugsπ

Submitting bugs will help us! Please do. But you should read before doing so. Please do not add comments if you actually want to add bug reports.


guest:Error when adding new Project

12 years ago -

Error log:
mysql_error = Out of range value adjusted for column 'settings' at row 1

I just click on Submit buttom.

pixtur:Reply to Error when adding new Project

12 years ago

Please post a valid bug report with the end of error.log.php as described in .

guest:Error when adding new Task

12 years ago -

Error log:

message = Querry=INSERT INTO streb_task(...,completion,...) VALUES(...,'0000-00-00 00:00:00',...)

mysql_error = Data truncated for column 'completion' at row 1

guest:Error after klick on install/upgrade

12 years ago -

When I try to install streber the installpage means all o.k. but after klick the install bottom I get the following message.


Fatal error: Declaration of sql_class::__construct() must be compatible with that of sql_interface::__construct() in H:xampphtdocsstreberdbdb_mysql_class.php on line 37

My System (xampp)

PHP 5.2.0
MySql 5.0.27

pixtur:Reply to Error after klick on install/upgrade

12 years ago

which version of Streber do you use?

guest:error on add effort for a developer

12 years ago -

Error 20070418091349 ERROR: db/db.inc.php : 39 Database exception. Please read <a href=http://streber.pixtur.de/index.php?go=taskView&tsk=1272'> next steps on database errors.</a>
Error 20070418091349 db/db.inc.php : 251 -> MysqlException::__construct("Querry=SELECT DISTINCT i., e.")
Error 20070418091349 db/class_effort.inc.php : 319 -> DB_MysqlStatement::execute("", int1)
Error 20070418091349 pages/project_more.inc.php :1576 -> Effort::getAll([2])
Error 20070418091349 std/class_pagehandler.inc.php : 719 -> ProjViewEfforts()
Error 20070418091349 index.php : 212 -> PageHandler::show("projViewEfforts")
Error 20070418091349
Error 20070418091349 Variables in __construct():
Error 20070418091349 message = Querry=SELECT DISTINCT i., e.* from item i, effort e, project p, projectperson upp^M
Error 20070418091349 WHERE^M
Error 20070418091349 i.type = '8'^M
Error 20070418091349 AND i.project=2^M
Error 20070418091349 AND upp.person = 5^M
Error 20070418091349 AND upp.project=2^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349 AND i.state=1^M
Error 20070418091349 AND ( i.pub_level >= upp.level_view^M
Error 20070418091349 OR^M
Error 20070418091349 i.created_by = 5^M
Error 20070418091349 )^M
Error 20070418091349 AND i.project = p.id^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349 AND i.id = e.id^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349 ^M
Error 20070418091349
Error 20070418091349
Error 20070418091349 code = NULL
Error 20070418091349 sql_obj = OBJECT
Error 20070418091349 mysql_error = Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_2b0f_0.MYI' (Errcode: 13)
Error 20070418091349 v0.0795, projViewEfforts, from, uri:/streber/index.php?go=projViewEfforts&prj=2
Error 20070418091349

php: 5.1.6 mysql: 5.0.27 - fedora 6


12 years ago

Looks like you hard disk is full or something like this. If mysql cannot create files like "/tmp" this is probably not the best thing to happen.

guest:Same Problem

10 years ago -

Hi Pixtur I have the same problem my errors.log.php show me the same problem in the line mysql_error =:

mysql_error = Can't create/write to file 'C:\xampp\mysql\data\#sql_9ec_0.MYI' (Errcode: 13)

I check the rights in the folder and all looks fine, what can you thing is it?

In advance regards

jtanen:Fatal Exception with $ in password

10 years ago

I hit a problem using a password for the database account that had a special character (in this case, a $).

Apparently, according to errors.log.php, the system parsed it incorrectly, declared the variable undefined, and tried to connect with NO password, and failed out. For now, I simply removed special characters from the password and it seems to work.

This was a duh moment on my side, of course, since it makes sense that the PHP would fail out on a $. Figured it was worth noting on here, though.