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Apr 22, 2012 / pixtur
Jun 2, 2012 / ain

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After some quiet years, I will reanimate Streber. I learned quite a lot since the these early PHP-experiments. Looking at some sections of the code hurts the eye. Rewriting the Streber with Ruby On Rails 3.x would probably reduce the code size to 10%, maybe less. But right now, I don't have the time for that and it looks like Streber is still the best free solution that matches my taste... Amazing!

A new version v0.093 with a couple of bug-fixes is coming up.

I disabled editing and commenting for "guests". I deleted some of the spammers, but there is still some noise here and there. If you want contribute, please drop me a mail: mailto:pixtur@gmail.com



6 years ago

Cheers mate; glad to see this project is still active. This tool is very vital for me. As soon as I get my PHP (now Ruby) skill set up I'd love to contribute.


6 years ago

Great to hear.

ain:Definite contributions

6 years ago

I'm also glad to see the update, streber has been the place for my projects for 5+ years, from the very beginning I guess.

I'll also definitely contribute, I've done a few fixes for my own installation and I'm certainly committed to give anything that I do on my installation back to the community. With the GitHub repo it's also much simpler now.